SWINDON Town Supporters Trust discuss the on-going ownership battle and what fans can do to make their voice heard.

While Monday’s court hearing produced no immediate resolution to the ownership battle, we believe there were positives to take from it.

Administration feels like it’s now unlikely under the current regime whilst there are still offers on the table, and there was a variation to one injunction that would make a sale to Clem Morfuni’s Axis a possibility before the next scheduled court date in June. In addition, a sale to Axis is now the only realistic route for getting meaningful investment into the club before the start of next season.

Those in attendance were also witness to evidence of further funds being made available by Axis and placed into a UK-based bank account - something the mysterious Boston-based Able are yet to provide proof of.

There was also a u-turn from our chairman who instructed his lawyer that he would prefer to continue funding the club, contrary to previous statements from him on local radio, as well as evidence shared in court.

With all this in mind, we believe now is the time for the fanbase to unite and refrain from investing anything further into our club by way of season ticket monies, merchandise, and even commercial sponsorship. We believe fans deserve better, and we believe #NoMoneyNoPower.

It’s no secret that Axis have completed their due diligence, placed a formal offer to Lee Power, provided proof of funds, committed to ensuring creditors are paid, and have documented a clear, long-term vision for the club. We feel very clear the best solution for all involved is for Clem Morfuni to acquire STFC.

As every day passes with Lee Power as the majority shareholder, debts continue to build, uncertainty looms, and preparations for next season hang in the air. The FA charges still remain at large, and it could transpire that Power is only a 35% shareholder, should that case go against him.

Whilst it’s probably not a bad shout to encourage expectations for the new season to be scaled back somewhat, no fan of any club would want the badge of being the first team to have played in the Premier League to drop out of the Football League altogether.

Over the coming days, we’ll be polling our members on their preferences for scenarios going forward. if you would like to have your say and take part, join the Trust today at www.redarmyfund.co.uk.