TRUST STFC update fans on the latest events involving Swindon Town Football Club.

Usually, the summer is a time to refresh, watch cricket and spend Saturdays incinerating cheap food on a barbecue. But this year, the summer feels like a pivotal time for Swindon Town and the ongoing ownership disputes.

The Trust have certainly been kept busy; we’ve launched our #NoMoneyNoPower campaign calling on all Swindon Town fans to unite in starving out Lee Power, and we had Clem Morfuni give us his first interview, which you can catch up with on our YouTube channel or our website.

It’s been refreshing to hear such open dialogue from Morfuni across multiple channels – in the Adver, the Loathed Stranger podcast and the Official Supporters’ Club live interview last night.

His transparency and detailed answers are the polar opposite to the years of zero engagement we’re currently experiencing.

It is clear to us that the sooner Lee Power sells the club to Axis and Morfuni, the better.

Calling for a full boycott of all activity that gives money to the club is the toughest call we’ve made as an organisation but our members are in almost complete agreement that this is the best option right now to expedite the sale of the club.

It’s easy to boycott when nothing is on sale, but as we tick into June with no news on last year’s season tickets and no news on next season’s either, we know trickier days are to come.

We’ve all missed football. And we all want to support our club - as new manager John McGreal mentioned, we should all come together when the season kicks off. And we will, when the time is right.

For now, the fans are united. United against Lee Power and the current ownership of Swindon Town.

And when the season starts, there is no doubt that McGreal, his new assistant and the yet-to-be-assembled playing squad will have the support of every Swindon Town fan.

Away from home, our fantastic travelling support will only swell as people seek their football fix without funding Lee Power.

So as the new season approaches, #AwayWeGo, and until Lee Power is removed, we continue to call on every Swindon Town fan to think long and hard before giving their hard-earned cash to a club ownership that simply does not deserve it.