Andy Murray is back competing in the Men's singles of Wimbledon for the first time since 2017.

The tennis ace has been pretty active on social media during the tournament, so you might have noticed that he keeps using the hashtag #AMC to sign off his posts.

But what exactly does it mean?

What does #AMC mean? 

Andy Murray has been signing off his Twitter and Instagram posts using #AMC, which has left some followers wondering what it stands for. 

AMC stands for Andy Murray x Castore, the clothing brand which has partnered Murray for the championships. 

This means that Murray will be fully kitted out in Castore sportswear throughout the championships. 

In fact, the two-time former Wimbledon champion has helped design his matchwear. 

He said: "I work with the AMC designers on every piece, with technical performance at the heart of the process. 

"It's important that the kit performs under the toughest conditions. 

"I really enjoy testing it, giving it my feedback and being part of the design process."

What social media posts has Murray made during the tournament so far? 

Murray has been fairly active on his social media accounts in recent days.

He posted this picture on his Instagram after his five set thriller on Wednesday:

He also tweeted to thank the crowd for their support: 

Following his win on Monday, he posted this on Instagram:

He posted the same picture and caption on his Twitter.

On Tuesday he tweeted Serena Williams following her first round withdrawl due to injury. 

Murray said: "Brutal for @serenawilliams but centre court is extremely slippy out there. Not easy to move out there."

Before his second round match on Wednesday, Murray posted an Instagram featuring a picture of him serving. 

The post was accompanied by the caption: "Looking forward to getting back out there today. Third on Centre Court. #LetsGo #AMC".