SWINDON Town fans reacted with overwhelming positivity following a day of engagement and communication courtesy of the club’s Clem on Tour initiative on Thursday.

Owner Clem Morfuni travelled around Swindon in a branded van, spreading the word about the new era at the County Ground and encouraging people to purchase season tickets ahead of the first home game on Saturday.

Despite some regular rain showers, fans continued to turn up for photos, shirts, and sometimes just the chance to say thank you to the man who they feel rescued the club.

Adver Sport followed Morfuni’s tour from Don Rogers Sports shop to the Outlet Village and onto the County Ground, speaking to a handful of fans who could not speak highly enough of Town’s Australian owner.

Paul Davis - who renewed his season ticket recently after vowing not to until a change of owner was confirmed - said: “This summer has been exhausting, to be honest, because we went from a period of total despair and a vacuum of information that was filled by speculation. What little information that did come out was usually bad, it was one blow after another, and it was as low as I’ve ever seen this club.

“To go from that to the last three weeks with positive announcement after positive announcement with things getting done has been great. The important thing now is that the club is now in the hands of people who care about it, it’s being run on a proper footing and as a community club. It’s being run for the benefit of the town and not for the benefit of one person.”

Meanwhile, Swindon Labour Councillors said on Twitter: “Loving the positivity about the club at the moment. The fans are long overdue some good times! Hopefully it can translate into a decent season on the pitch and a nice mid-table finish!”

Also on Twitter, Pete Marsh said: “This is how I remember the club as being when I started supporting back in the 60’s. The fans felt that they belonged to the club that became the town of Swindon’s identity, it’s better than deja vu all over again.

“If we avoid a points penalty, we are in some good old days.”

Fellow life-long Town fan Rebecca Twigg said: “It’s great to see Clem engaging with the younger fans and encouraging a new generation of supporters. My four-year-old was so chuffed to meet him (at the Outlet Village) today.”

In the latest update provided by the club, Swindon Town have now sold 3,457 season tickets.