SWINDON Town midfielder Louis Reed says the club’s win over Sutton United on Tuesday night was all down to the coaching staff’s excellent planning beforehand.

Town emerged on the front foot at the start of Tuesday’s contest and put themselves in a commanding 2-0 lead thanks to goals from Reed and Jonny Williams.

Harry Beautyman halved the deficit from the penalty spot, but Town navigated their way to three points to move third in League Two.

Explaining the key factor behind the victory, Reed said: “I think our good start was credit to the staff because they prepare us on what’s going to be coming at us, basically.

“From there, it’s up to us to adapt to whatever they do throw at us – I think we did that brilliantly against Sutton. The staff prepared us brilliantly, but the lads stuck to the plan really well too.”

Following the Barnsley-born midfielder’s first goal of the season, Reed also discussed why he feels Town have been able to get off to such a hot start given the lack of pre-season preparation time.

The 24-year-old believes the right people have been put in the right places, while the group have naturally jelled much quicker than usual.

Reed said: “Normally when you get a big group of players coming in that are all new to a certain place, it takes quite a while for people to jell together. But in this case, everyone really gets on with each other.

“I’m not just saying that so it looks good to everyone else on the outside, I genuinely we feel we have a really good connection.

“Don’t get me wrong, there’s always little scuffles here and there, but once we get out on the pitch we’re best mates.

“We dig each other out when we need to, and if anything is said there’s a line drawn under it as soon as we go back in and we move on.”