ADVER Sport assess the performances of the Swindon Town players following the club’s 0-0 draw against Stevenage on Wednesday night.

Jojo Wollacott: 7

Wollacott made four saves – one of which was excellent. He did cause his own problems on a couple of occasions, but he more than made up for it. Another well-earned clean sheet.

Kaine Kesler-Hayden: 5

His touch was poor in the first half and had very little effect going forward. One of many whose performance was clearly influenced by Covid.

Rob Hunt: 8

I thought it was probably Hunt’s best performance of the season. What made it more impressive was that he was out of position too. A goal-saving tackle in the first half earned a point, and he rarely put a foot wrong otherwise.

Akin Odimayo: 6

He appeared a bit down on energy at times, but he battled through and formed a decent partnership with Hunt.

Ellis Iandolo: 6

The proud owner of Swindon’s only shot on target, Town’s left-back was unable to get forward as much due to the change in formation. Booked.

Ryan East: 7

East showed what a capable back up he is to Reed, and actually how able he is to play alongside him too. The pass through towards Williams late on was the highlight of his game. Subbed.

Louis Reed: 6

Mark another one down as ‘Covid-affected performance.’ He just didn’t have the energy to track back at times – highlighted by a cynical foul which earned him a yellow. Even when he doesn’t sparkle, he is still a valuable asset though. Booked.

Ben Gladwin: 6

His crossing was pretty good, but he often held onto the ball for too long when Town counter-attacked.

Jack Payne: 6

Payne couldn’t get in the game early on. He moved further infield and had more of an effect, but overall his shooting was not up to scratch.

Harry McKirdy: 6

There was plenty of endeavour and forward runs made, but it was not McKirdy’s day in terms of being on the end of a good chance. One or two hopeful long-range efforts was all he could manage. Subbed.

Jayden Mitchell-Lawson: 5

Although I’ve given JML a five, I do feel quite sorry for him after that game. He waits weeks, if not months for a proper opportunity, and when the striker gets it he was plonked out on the left wing. His instinct was to cut inside and shoot each time, and that made for an easier day for Luther James-Wildin. I hope he gets another chance up front in a two again soon. Subbed.


Jonny Williams: 6

Williams provided energy and a small spark of creativity after coming – you’d expect nothing less, of course. However, he wasn’t able to provide the quantity of crosses you would have hoped for.

Tyreece Simpson: 6

Presumably on the bench with a view to Saturday, Simpson came on and showed good strength, pace, and desire to change the game. He still doesn’t attack crosses as much as I’d like though.

Jordan Lyden: N/A

Came on too late to receive a rating.

Subs not used: Ward, Dabre, Minturn, Grant.