Swindon Town's heartbreak quickly turned to anger as a pitch invasion turned ugly and saw Port Vale fans targeting visiting players with violence. 

After winning a penalty shootout 6-5 in sudden death to advance to the play-off final jubilant Vale fans flooded onto the pitch before Town players could be safely escorted off. 

In the ensuing chaos, some fans surrounded the dejected Town players and punches and kicks could be seen in TV footage

One of those targeted was Town top scorey, Harry McKirdy - a former Vale player who was one of three players to miss a penalty.

After the game the striker addressed what had happened to him on Instagram, calling on the EFL to take action. 

Swindon Advertiser:

"I'll take the stick and the songs. But bottles, coins, lighters thrown at me. Running on and hitting kicking me/teammates. Too far. Something's got to happen EFL," he wrote. 

Footage of the scenes saw McKirdy, as well as Jack Payne, Ben Gladwin, Mandela Egbo and Jake O'Brien involved in the altercation. 

Right-back Egbo posted a picture of his face in the aftermath criticising Vale fans for the situation. 

He said: "How you scummy fans get two free shots and only manage a scratch? & I’m supposed to keep my cool - if I react I’m the bad guy right?"

Central defender Jake O'Brien also hit out at Vale fans for what happened, calling them 'disgusting' 

"Absolutely devastated but so proud of the boys. Stuck together until the very end. Disgusting what happened at the end, having to protect ourselves with no help from the stewards. All you Port Vale fans should be disgusted with yourselves."

Town head coach Ben Garner lamented about the state of football following similar violent incidents at other recent games

“It’s disappointing what they’ve had to put up with coming off that pitch," he said. 

“I’ve seen (it) in some of the other play-off games. I don’t know where we’re going to as a country, but it’s absolutely disgusting."