OFFICIAL Supporters Club treasurer Tim Keen provides a detailed update on the group's correspondence with Port Vale, the popularity of the Monday Night Panel events, and a recent meeting with the Town hierarchy.

That Thursday night in Burslem feels like months ago. It really was a tough evening to be a Swindon Town fan, but what happened after Ellis Iandolo missed that penalty was unforgivable and has been well-documented.

As the Official Supporters Club, we have written to the EFL, both Swindon MP’s, and also the Port Vale chairperson to voice our concerns at how easily the Port Vale supporters were able to invade the pitch and attack both our players and fans.

Since these emails were sent, there hasn’t been any action of any note from anyone and this is hugely disappointing. We will continue to pursue these lines of communication on behalf of all the Swindon Town fans who travelled and were subject to the kind of intimidation that shouldn’t be taking place in the 21st century.

Obviously matters off the field have now taken all the headlines and social media platforms are now rife with rumours and “In The Know” information about who is leaving and who is coming to manage the club.

As I write this article, all we know is that Ben Chorley has left the club. I’d like to put in writing how impressed I was with Ben. Listening to him speak at the sponsors evening, he’s clearly going to be a big loss.

Unfortunately being a Swindon Town fan is never an easy ride and this feels like yet another rollercoaster that we all need to strap ourselves into and hope that Clem will be our saviour once more!

We’ve been amazed at the number of fans tuning into our Monday Night Panels with Vic Morgan to discuss some of these topics – we’ll keep these going and hopefully we can all get through this period of uncertainty together.

The OSC committee recently held an excellent meeting with Rob Angus and Matt Waters who is General Manager at the club. We discussed some of the ideas that we have for next season and listened to how the OSC can help the club moving forward.

One of the ideas is a pre-match fan zone, which is something we’ve started to look into. We’re also changing one of the prizes for the Matchday Draw – watch this space!

Hopefully, by the time I write our next article, everything will be clearer both on and off the pitch – but in the meantime, keep the faith and Come on you Reds!