AHEAD of all three 2022-23 EFL divisions getting underway this weekend, Adver Sport has rounded up the key rule changes for fans to be aware of this season.


All EFL clubs will now be allowed to make up to five substitutions in a game.

Championship, League One, and League Two sides can name seven substitutes - or six if they do not have a full-time academy - but can only make changes on three separate occasions, not including half-time, in a bid to avoid slowing down games.

The rule has been introduced to lighten the physical strain on players and ensure games continue at a fast pace until the end.

Teams were previously permitted to field three substitutes from seven nominated or three from six if they did not have a full-time academy.

The EFL announced the increase following its Annual General Meeting in June, when clubs approved a number of regulation changes which will come into effect immediately.


For EFL league fixtures only, home clubs are now able to wear their away or third kits should a challenging clash occur for people with colour blindness.

Clubs will also have the opportunity to mix and match elements of their kits to ensure the game is accessible for those with colour blindness.

The EFL will play a key role in helping to arrange this with clubs.


The EFL has confirmed that the Video Assistant Referee will not be used in league matches this season.

VAR was used in all three play-off finals back in May, and a VAR light was being discussed by football's governing bodies for potentially the 2023-24 campaign.

FA Cup and League Cup matches, where the Premier League club was at home, saw VAR in operation last season - this will be the case again in 2022-23.


The EFL has added an additional disqualifying condition in its Owners and Directors’ Test for those that have been convicted of a Hate Crime, which is defined as an offence that is considered to be aggravated in accordance with the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 and the Sentencing Act 2020.


As a result of a number of clubs stating that the pandemic continues to hurt them financially despite a return to full-capacity stadiums, the EFL has opted to reintroduce Covid add-backs into the profit and sustainability calculation for last season. 

Clubs will be able to claim lost revenues or exceptional costs directly relating to the pandemic up to a value of £2.5 million for the reporting period 2021/22. Clubs can claim up to £5 million for seasons 2019/20 and 2020/21.