NORTH Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson has issued a statement to frustrated speedway fans after building work on the Abbey Stadium in Blunsdon continues to be delayed.

Major renovations – including the construction of a new grandstand – are being carried out at the home of Swindon Robins’ on the edge of the town, but work appears to have stalled in recent months.

After three seasons without speedway, due to a combination of the Covid pandemic and the postponement of building work beginning, both the Robins’ staff and supporters are aiming to see the former league and cup champions return in 2023.

A group of passionate speedway fans met up outside the Abbey recently to request answers from either Swindon Borough Council or Gaming International – the company responsible for the building work.

However, with a lack of answers being produced from those at Gaming International, the North Swindon MP published a series of paragraphs on Twitter to clarify the council’s point of view.

Writing from his own account, Mr Tomlinson said: “I am conscious Swindon Speedway fans are increasingly concerned about the new stadium works seemingly stalled.

“As promised, I have continued to chase for updates. Neither I, nor Swindon Borough Council can force works to be completed as the (Abbey) Stadium is privately owned (by Gaming International).

“However, SBC have *not* changed their position - the works *must* be completed before the final phase of housing is allowed to proceed. This remains key.

“The club has my full and continued support to help them be in a position to return to racing as soon as possible. I am in regular contact with the promoters etc.

“We saved the stadium in 2008, we have seen works begin - we just need to get this over the line. We *all* want to see the Robins return for the 2023 season.”