SWINDON Town head coach Scott Lindsey believes his squad is one striker short of being the perfect size.

The Town boss currently has 25 senior professionals at his disposal, with four recognised strikers in Harry McKirdy, Harry Parsons, Tomi Adeloye, and Jacob Wakeling.

Parsons and Wakeling are yet to score a senior league goal, but Lindsey has total faith they will chip in at important times over the course of the next nine months.

But discussing the club’s remaining transfer activity, Town’s head coach says there is just one more piece of the puzzle left to find.

Lindsey said: “I think we’re one off. I think we’re one striker light if I’m honest with you. I think we need to add one and then I’ll be happy with the group.

“But I’m very confident we’ll get the goals we need. I’ve seen them in training, so I know what they’re capable of.

“I think we were probably in the same situation this time last year where we were probably being asked the same questions about Tyreece Simpson.

“He’d not scored at senior level but then came in and scored a few. I think we’re the type of team that can serve chances up to any young striker.”

Whoever Lindsey plays up front against Harrogate and beyond, the Swindon boss says he will not be scared to tell a player if they will not be featuring, nor will he pass on responsibility to assistant Jamie Day.

During Thursday afternoon’s press conference, Lindsey revealed he had taken an unnamed player aside to let them know they were being left out of the starting XI against Harrogate.

Lindsey said: “When you’re the manager, you’ve got to make decisions and you’ve got to upset one or two characters from time to time. That’s the hard part of the job, but it’s a part of the job that needs to be done.

“I’ve always said that if I were to be a manager, I would be very up front and honest with the players.

“I’ve seen it before where managers have not spoken to players when they’ve dropped them, and got their assistants to do it, or things like that.

“I’ve always promised myself that it wouldn’t be me – I’d always look them in the eye and explain the reason if I’m leaving someone out.

“I did that half an hour before this press conference with one player. It was hard, but I had the outcome that I wanted where they were disappointed but had a good reaction.”