Head coach Scott Lindsey spoke to the media on Thursday afternoon ahead of Swindon Town's first home game of the season against Salford City.

The team owned by the Class of 92 will visit the County Ground on Saturday (3pm) in what will be Lindsey's first competitive match in front of the Town faithful after succeeding Ben Garner in the summer.

Town will be looking for their first points of the season after losing 3-0 at Harrogate Town last Saturday.

Here's everything Lindsey said to reporters:

On injuries...

Ellis is still ongoing and will be out for several weeks a scan has come back with something there.

Reece Devine didn’t train today but I’m hopeful he’ll train tomorrow.

He trained a couple days before Harrogate, but dipped out of training this week just to make sure but he still has a feeling, but we’ll hopeful he’ll train tomorrow.

He’s just a little feeling in his quad, but it’s just an ongoing thing at the moment, but we’ll hopeful it’ll come through.

It’s very frustrating, he played a number of games last season and that was the most productive year for him since he’s been here.

Obviously he’s longest-serving player and he’s been here for a number of years, but last season was a real productive year in terms of games he played and we’re hopeful to have that kind of number again this season.

It’s not been a great start for him, but we’re hopeful he’s a good pro and he’ll do everything he can to rehab as quickly as he can.

So, as I said we’re hoping to get as many games out of him as we did last season.

Players' availability for 90 minutes...

We’ve got a couple in the building that came late, they may have to get to fit to get playing for us, that’s the way it may have to work.

You saw Angus McDonald he came later on and with Angus we know he didn’t play a lot of football last season as well.

Getting up to speed, he’s going to be churning the minutes out during the game, so it’s a work in progress and getting fit on the job.

So we’ll have one or two that will have to do that, but that’s just the way it is, there’s nothing we can do about that.

Fans patients with new players...  

They’ll get up to speed quite quickly, they’re working very hard in training it won’t be too long before we get them up to where we want them to be.

Angus got 90 minutes under his belt, he was really struggling towards the end of the game and he’ll really benefit from those 90 minutes.

And each week he’ll get stronger and stronger.

Team selection...

Every game is different and of course we have to pick a side that’s going to beat Salford.

Will that be different from what we played last week, possibly?

But that’s for me to work out and do some work on the training ground.

The Harrogate result...

I was very disappointed with the result for than anyone and I know the players was as well.

We’ve had a couple of meetings, the players have spoke, we’re disappointed with the second half performance.

However we felt we started the game really well, we felt the first half performance was more than enough.

We had chances to go and score, we didn’t take them chances and we’ve conceded off the second phrase of a corner which is disappointing.

We go in at 1-0 down at half-time but we are relatively pleased with the first half performance.

And then second-half we didn’t start great, we turned the ball cheaply in the middle of the pitch and we concede relatively early in the second half.

You look at the game as a whole and there were so many things that didn’t go our way on the day.

Frenchie misses an open goal, with a header at the far stick, there was chances in the first-half where we should have scored.

Ben Gladwin misses a penalty, hits the post, hits the goalkeeper on the head and bounces back out.

That normally never happens, certain individual players who potentially have not played that bad before will never play that bad again.

Things happened in a negative way and that had a knock-on effect on how we ended up with the game.

I do believe that the third goal was offside, we’ve kind of reflected and watched it back.

The second goal possibly may have been offside as well, so a lot kind of went against us.

I’m not using excuses, we should do better and we will be better, especially in the second half.

We needed to perform better, we need to be less open, but I do believe there were a lot of things happening on the day.

You could almost say wipe the mouth and start again because on the day it was one of them bad day at the office.

Gavin Gunning...

Gav’s got great energy, he’s a good coach

I had him as a player many years ago, he was very good, he was almost like a coach on the pitch for me.

He understood exactly what was asked of him and he’s going to be a good coach or he is a good coach.

He’s got to grips with the defensive unit and started implementing some work into them now.

So you’ll see an effect from that definitely, but he’s a great character he’s good around the lads.

'Mad Gav'...

He’s down as Wikipedia as mad Gav, but when you meet him you’ll probably agree.

Salford City manager Neil Wood...

I don’t know Neil personally, but looking at their side over pre-season and the last league game, they are a very strong side.

They have a way of playing, a certain way of attacking, they are going to be very difficult opponents.

They have very good player in their side, the likes of Liam Sheppard who is injured comes out, but the next one who comes in is just as good, so they have real good strength in depth.

It’s going to be a tough game.

Salford City striker Matt Smith...

He didn’t actually play in the last game, so obviously with them winning the game he won’t start again maybe I don’t know.

We’ll have to wait and see when the team sheet comes in.

I know they play a certain way; they roll in and out of different formations which makes it very difficult.

We’ve got to know how to press them and know how to sit off them at times, to bank up and kind of understand where they have rolled in from.

Like I said they’ve got some really good players and it’ll be a very tough game.

Sol Brynn ahead of Lewis Ward in goal...

 Over the course of the pre-season, they were both given the same amount of game time.

I felt Sol just had more to do within that game time.

He made some important saves, he’d come for more crosses because more crosses was put on him.

There’s nothing that Wardy had done wrong, I just felt Sol had more to do and kind off tipped my decision in his favour.

I spoke to Wardy and explained look I am making a decision based on the fact that he’s had a really good pre-season, not that you haven’t but he’s had more to do.

Distribution factor...

You have to look at both keepers, you have to look how they’ve played previously, how we play out from the back in terms of decision making on the ball, everything comes into play.

My decision was based on the fact Sol had more to do than Wardy in pre-season with the ball as a goalkeeper he more to do.

He made more saves, fact; he came from more crosses, fact and his disruption he had more of the ball and that’s kind of factual.

It’s no slur on Wardy, it’s he had more to do and I made my decision based on that.

On whether more focus on fitness than tactics played a part in the Harrgate defeat...


Reaction to Harrogate defeat in training...

They (the players) have got that bounce-back ability to come back in on the Monday morning, everyone was really bright around the stadium.

On Tuesday we did a brief of the game at the training ground and the feedback from the players was brilliant.

It was a real positive meeting and I felt confident coming out of that meeting

Salford City owners...

I don’t know if that has an impact on the league, they are a real competitive team.

I think they are going to be up and around it for sure.

In terms of the ownership, I don’t really take any notice of that whether they are an ex-Premier League footballer or an ex cars salesman, it doesn’t make a difference to me.

Being more brave...

I don’t think the team were a week short because you could see in the first half how we played.

“I thought we were really good in the first half, but I think the goal probably knocked us as it came just before half-time.

“I still think we played reasonably well in that first half, and if one of those chances goes in then it’s a different game.

Speaking ahead at his pre-match press conference, manager Scott Lindsey called on his players to show more strength and character.

He said: “The way play we need to braver anyway before we go behind.

“I’m asking them to play possession-based football, we want them to be brave with the ball.

“But of course, when it turns over we want them to be braver as well and to try and win it back as soon as they can.”

Incoming transfers...

There isn’t any movement, is anybody lined up not as such, but we are kind of working on that behind the scenes.

We’ve got an list of players that we are looking at, we’ll be doing some work nearly every day on that.

There’s a lot of work, a lot of effort that goes behind the scenes and we need to make sure we get the right one in.

Keeping hold of best players...

I’m hopeful that we keep hold of our players, I certainly don’t want to lose Harry McKirdy, I don’t want to lose any of our players.