My love of sport is well known, both as a fan and through my work as an MP.

The World Cup in Qatar has kicked off. Absolutely the wrong choice for a host for well documented reasons, but now the tournament has started it was fantastic to see England get off to a flying start and we would love to see more of the same tonight against the USA!

On football, progress of the Fan Led Review is the main sports issue in Parliament. The Government has already endorsed the 10 key strategic recommendations set out in its review of football governance. This was published by Tracey Crouch MP in November 2021, which will improve financial sustainability and corporate governance across our national game, and place fans squarely at the heart of decision-making. STFC and the Swindon Town Supporters Club were very active in helping shape this review. The issue now is whether the Government needs to legislate to make sure the recommendations are delivered, or can the Premier League, EFL and FA agree to do this themselves.

The latter would be quicker and simpler, but so far whilst they agree most of the recommendations there are still disagreements over the distribution of prize money and the potential role of an independent financial regulator.

In recent weeks I have met with the Premier League, EFL and Professional Football Association to press for an agreement. I have been supported throughout by the excellent Rob Angus, CEO of Swindon Town with his in-depth knowledge and experience.

The Professional Football Association meeting also covered their work supporting ex-footballers find new careers. A few days later there was a Parliamentary debate discussing the lack of male teachers in primary schools and what can be done, so I was able to link up the Department of Education and the PFA to work together, keenly accepted by the minister.

I met with Sport England who provide £300m of grants and support each year to sporting clubs and schemes to boost participation and activity. I am keen to see a focus on sharing best practice, vital for local start up and existing clubs. Working with SBC, I am continuing to do what we can to find a way to give hope to the Swindon Robins Speedway fans. Firstly, making sure SBC do not allow any deviation from the strict planning conditions applied to the Abbey Stadium where the works must be completed before the adjacent housing development can progress. SBC have been very firm. Secondly, if the owners no longer think the stadium is viable, then they should make every effort to sell it to someone who does.

I was thrilled to see Swindon off-road RC club up and running at their brand new Supermarine site, which I found for them. They have built an impressive brand-new track which will be a real boost to their members.

I also continue to visit and support lots of local clubs ranging from with the recent opening of the Stratton Jnr facilities where I helped unlock the deadlock between the parish and borough council to the rapidly improving St Marks tennis facility, supported by the Central North Parish. Thousands of people watch, participate or volunteer with different sports clubs – something I will always champion.