SWINDON Motorsports Ltd has launched a ‘call for sites’ to help identify a new motorsports arena in Swindon.

The recently incorporated firm is a joint-venture between Swindon Speedway and Gaming International, the owners of the Blunsdon stadium site.

The partnership was announced shortly after the recent confirmation of the permanent ending of speedway racing at the stadium in north Swindon.

Swindon Motorsports Ltd says its mission is to “locate, acquire, and obtain planning permission to operate a new motorsports arena to accommodate speedway and car racing, with an expandable capacity of up to 5,000 spectators.”

The new multi-motorsport showground will need to be within a 45-minute drive of Swindon centre.

Clarke Osborne, chairman of Gaming International, said: “Whilst it is sad to conclude that speedway was not viable to continue at Abbey Meads Stadium, I’m excited to work with Swindon Speedway to launch Swindon Motorsports Ltd and to begin the process of identifying a new site for a purpose-built motorsports arena for Swindon.

“We’ve brought together an experienced professional team to assist us, however, we are keen to hear from the local speedway and motorsports community.

“Local knowledge is invaluable, and we’d encourage anyone with thoughts on appropriate sites to get in touch so we can investigate all options.”

Meanwhile, Terry Russell, chairman of Swindon Speedway, said: “We have enjoyed some great years at Swindon and found success on the track, but as everyone in speedway promotion knows, the operation of speedway racing in the U.K. has become financially challenging with profit disappearing.

“The covid lockdown, the energy crisis and the cost of living increases have accelerated those challenges to a point that we are unable to pay our overheads, including the stadium fees and approach break even.

“We have no way of increasing our activities at Blunsdon, no way of increasing our revenues. It is very sad, but it is reality, and we must move on, if we are to build a sustainable future for speedway in Swindon.

“Move on, we have. We have invested in the Swindon Motorsports venture which will provide us with the ability to increase our revenue with unlimited use and having part ownership of the facility.

“I am asking supporters of Swindon Speedway to get involved, to help where they can and to join us through our web site.”

Mr Osborne added: “We look forward to working with our professional team, speedway supporters and interested parties, as well as the wider Swindon community, to secure a sustainable future for motorsports in this area.

“In doing so, we hope to ensure that the Swindon Speedway community, and motorsports enthusiasts will have a sustainable future in the town for coming generations to enjoy and support.”

A new website - https://swindonmotorsports.co.uk/ - has been launched to support the search for sites.

Comments, suggested sites for the new stadium or questions can be sent to info@swindonmotorsports.co.uk