New Swindon Town chief executive Anthony Hall said that the club are making progress in their plans to develop the County Ground.

The club completed the purchase of the ground which has been their home for the last 127 years in March of this year in a joint venture with the Swindon Town Supporters Trust using funding for the £2.3 million purchase coming from the Nigel Eady Trust

Hall, who was initially brought into Swindon as Head of Operations and Stadium Development after four years as UK managing director at Axis Services Group, said that they have taken steps closer to being able to begin development of the stadium.

He said: “The issues with the SAG [Safety Advisory Group] have been addressed. The SAG are coming here for the Newport County game

“And then we will get a new safety certification issued on the 14th of October for the Newport County game, if not beforehand.

“Plans for the renovations have been going on in the background, we have commissioned a feasibility study and that has come back now.

“We need to send some comments back, which Lee Dover is now looking after as the new Head of Operations.

“So, Lee has been looking at that along with myself and the supporters' trust is obviously heavily involved with that as part of the joint venture and the ownership of the ground.

“That is stuff that we need to look at and carry on moving forward, but we obviously need to get that going.”

After being able to clear those initial hurdles, work is being done to look at what the next phase of the process will look like.

“We know what we would like to do with it, it is just about getting eyes on it from the feasibility study, in which way we programme that. Do we start with The Town End first, The Don Rogers first? Things like that.

“The logistics need to be looked at as well for how we move people around the stadium.

“It would be wrong of me to say exactly what we are going to do first because we have comments that have come back on the feasibility study, and we need to get those aligned.

“After that happens, we can publish exactly what we want to do, with a programme of works, and how we plan to do it as well.”