The Swindon Wildcats have been forced to make their long-serving Commercial Manager Sally Fox-Price redundant as their ongoing struggles continue.

Extensive damage caused to the Link Centre, where the Wildcats play their home games, has meant that the club have been unable to play at their own ground this season.

Fox-Price was the Commercial Manager for the Wildcats and had been involved at the club for the last ten years, but they have announced that she has been made redundant in what was described as a “difficult decision.”

In a statement, Managing Director Steve Nell said: “As you know, we have had a very challenging time of late.

“With your continued support and the support from our fans and the local community, we will be able to navigate through this difficult period and provide entertaining ice hockey in Swindon for many years to come.

“Unfortunately, to sustain the club we have had to make some very difficult decisions. One of these is to sadly make our Commercial Manager Sally Fox-Price redundant.

“Sally has been an important member of the Wildcats family for 10 years, during which time she has built fantastic relationships within the business community, which has been a significant factor in our success.

“Sally will always be an important part of our community so you will no doubt see her at future games.”

GLL Better, the operators of the Link Centre, have previously stated that they remain hopeful of being able to reopen in November at the earliest, having been closed since heavy rain caused severe damage in September, but the ice rink is going to take longer to repair.

This situation has been very tough for the National Ice Hockey League club, having to rely on community support to help them continue to operate.

Nell previously told the Swindon Advertiser: “We're in limbo at the moment, waiting for an update which will come next week.

"Once we've found out the actual length of the closure, we can look at what the future holds properly.

"Ticket sales are our biggest revenue stream, so it's crucial to keep us going. It will be tough and we're going to need everyone's support, the fans, the sponsors, GLL, we need everyone to buy into it and I'm sure they will.

"I'm trying to be positive about it as I don't want the town to lose another sporting team like what has happened with Speedway."