Swindon Town were made to look foolish as they were hammered 7-4 on their own turf by Aldershot Town in the FA Cup First Round.

Town were seven goals down after an hour as the Shots tore them apart through a Jack Barham hat-trick, Lorent Tolaj brace, and goals from Cian Harries and Josh Stokes, before Dan Kemp and Charlie Austin both scored twice late on.

So, how did the players rate as individuals during the FA Cup exit?

GK: Murphy Mahoney – 1

The goals that Aldershot scored were actually very well crafted, in addition to a heavy helping of diabolical defending. Mahoney made some uncharacteristically sloppy choices on the ball that did not help matters.

RCB: Harrison Minturn – 1

Another tough day at the office for Minturn. He was left exposed, but National League attackers were ripping him apart and running off him for free.

CB: Tom Brewitt – 1

Brewitt can probably not believe what he walked back into after recovering from a concussion. However, he was part of one of the worst defensive performances the County Ground has seen and Lorent Tolaj had an easy afternoon up against him.

LCB: Frazer Blake-Tracy – 1

When the fight has gone from Blake-Tracy you know it is bad news. He was weak in the challenge on a few occasions and was caught out on others as Town looked like someone had dropped them in the middle of the ocean naked and asked them to get to shore.

RWB: Udoka Godwin-Malife – 1

I didn’t understand the way Swindon set up to begin with Michael Flynn mixed the positions up too much, but even that shouldn’t have caused the communication breakdowns. Godwin-Malife showed more fight than almost anyone else, but by the time he showed it, that well and truly did not matter.

CM: Saidou Khan – 1

The midfield was non-existent in the opening exchanges as Aldershot did as they pleased before Town had had a meaningful touch of the football.

CM: George McEachran – 1                                                         

McEachran was the one to receive the indignity of the first-half substitution, but it could have been any of them (except Dan Kemp) and it could have been far earlier.

LWB: Remeao Hutton – 1

Why was he on the left to begin with? His lack of consistency crossing the ball was laid bare in this game, for as many great ones he put in, double that went straight at the shins of the first defender or didn’t go where they should have done.

CAM: Dan Kemp – 6

Kemp probably gets a one without the goals, but I would have felt bad doing it, and believe me, I don’t for the others. When Swindon twisted their heads back around the right way after going 3-0 down, Kemp was the one with the passion to try and find a goal and if he was working with less incompetence, maybe there would have been something to salvage. Town are up a creek with the jagged edge of a canoe embedded in their forehead when he leaves.

ST: Charlie Austin – 1

Austin finished well in stoppage time, but before that he was wayward. He had his chances in the 90 minutes to make this a contest, and he was unable to make the most of the opportunities.

ST: Tyrese Shade – 1

Shade made two good runs in behind in the first half. The issue was he failed to do anything after Kemp fed him. Aside from those brief windows of bliss with the runs, he offered very little.


Liam Kinsella – 1

Kinsella was tasked with using a tiny plaster to fix a patient who had been run through with a sword. He was no miracle worker.

Tom Clayton - 1

Being a sub yesterday must have been absolutely no fun at all because they had to watch it too. The die was cast and it was never going to change anything.

Harry Gray – 1

Sorry, Harry. Everyone else gets a one, so I have to be fair and give you the same. These were not ideal circumstances to be playing your first proper game for the club (EFL Trophy does not count).

Sonny Hart – N/A

Fletcher Hubbard  - N/A