Wayne Hatswell said that Swindon Town need every one of their players to be fighting if they are to put an end to their difficult run against Harrogate Town.

After making a stellar start to the season by going nine unbeaten to begin a season for the first time this century, Swindon have hit a rough patch, winning just once in the eight league matches since.

Hatswell said that in order to put an end to that run, Swindon need to show that all of the players are pulling in the same direction at the EnivroVent Stadium.

He said: “If you look at the best managers in the world and the best teams in the world, they predominantly bounce back.

“That is a sign of a good group, good management, and everyone pulling in the right direction, and that is all we need.

“We need everyone fighting, from the staff to everyone in the squad tomorrow, whether you are 16 or Chaz [Charlie Austin]’s age.

“That is what we are going to need tomorrow, a team performance that shows that we are trying to iron out our frailties and then use every one of the strengths we have, i.e., scoring goals and creating chances in games.

“The minute we stop doing that then I would worry, things have to change at the other end, but I am pretty much 100 per cent sure that that will improve.”

The Swindon squad are showing the right signs on the training ground to improve, according to Hatswell, but he needs them to put it together when it counts.

He said: “I am [seeing the right signs], but that is all well and good on a Monday to Friday basis, I want to see it on Saturday.

“That has probably been the only difference, just seeing how well we do on the training pitch to seeing things work on a Saturday.

“We have done a lot of work on both sides of the ball in attacking, but also on that transition for us.

“We always knew that that might be an issue because we are quite expansive.

“It has been a case of that mindset when we lose it [possession], we have tried to drum that in from the day we walked in the door.

“I think we need that little bit of lady luck in our own box, that is something we are trying to change on the training pitch to hopefully get the results on a Saturday.”