Swindon Town put an end to a run of four consecutive League Two defeats by claiming a point with a 1-1 draw against Harrogate Town.

Jake Young gave Swindon the lead at the break after he curled home his fourth goal in as many matches, but Jack Muldoon levelled the scores after he was afforded too much space on the edge of the box.

So, how did the players rate as individuals at the EnviroVent Stadium?

GK: Murphy Mahoney – 9

I want it on the record that it is a massive problem that the goalkeeper needed to get a nine to earn a point at Harrogate, but nonetheless, he was that good. Abraham Odoh and Sam Folarin must have had at least five one-on-ones between them and every time Mahoney was excellent, especially when it mattered in stoppage time.

Swindon Advertiser: Godwin-Malife plays a passGodwin-Malife plays a pass (Image: Callum Knowles)

RCB: Udoka Godwin-Malife – 6

I didn’t see the Stockport game, but Godwin-Malife has been stringing together a few good performances back-to-back of late. Particularly in the first half his decision-making of when to go and when to stay was spot on. He was then part of a more resilient defensive effort after conceding to earn the point.

CB: Harrison Minturn – 5

This was a somewhat up-and-down display from Minturn, but in quite a physical duel with Folarin, he came out the victor. He overcommitted at times, but he is going to do that and needed help behind him to cover that.

LCB: Frazer Blake-Tracy – 5

Blake-Tracy took Wayne Hatswell’s “defensive mindset” to heart, so we did not see him getting forward nearly as often in this one. He was generally solid, with few of the bad gaffs coming down his side, but there was also nothing out of the ordinary from him.

RWB: Remeao Hutton – 5

There were plenty of times last season when I wondered whether, for as good as he is at doing it, Hutton needed to cross so often. Yesterday was another of those times. He looked a threat, but putting in 14 crosses when Charlie Austin was not really on his game and headers are not Young’s forte meant little came of them.

Swindon Advertiser: Kokolo whips in a crossKokolo whips in a cross (Image: Callum Knowles)

CM: Saidou Khan – 4

Michael Flynn suggested last week that Khan was not playing at 100 per cent and it looked that way in this game. The obvious problem in this game was players running in behind, but that was so prevalent because the Swindon midfield struggled to impose itself, so players could consistently find those runs. He had a few nice touches but was not as imposing as he can be.

CM: Liam Kinsella – 4

Kinsella will give you the effort and did have the understanding to drop back when others ran forward. The issue was players were able to overpower him or run beyond him too easily, so even when his positioning was good, he was still struggling.

LWB: Williams Kokolo – 6

This was my first time watching Kokolo and I was pretty impressed. He is very fast and decisive, so when he is in position the ball comes over or he gets a shot away. There is a lot about him to be polished, but for someone who has not played for as long as he has, this was a very good showing.

CAM: Dan Kemp – 6

I was maybe not as impressed with Kemp as Flynn was, but he put in a strong display. His touch was wanting a bit during the first half, but his corners were consistently dangerous and if Town were to score in the second half, it would have been because of him.

Swindon Advertiser: Young takes a shot from outside the boxYoung takes a shot from outside the box (Image: Callum Knowles)

ST: Jake Young – 7

Young was terrific in the first half. His return to confidence might have come too early if Swindon are not going to get results anyway as he is booking himself a one-way trip to Bradford in January right now. He was tenacious without the ball and had the quality when he won it to get his goal and come close on a few other occasions.

ST: Charlie Austin – 3

This was very much not Austin’s day. He executed one corner routine almost to perfection as he got away from his marker and got a shot off at the near post. But aside from that he was struggling to win headers against Anthony O’Connor and Rod McDonald and his pass completion was 48%. If he did that consistently, which he very much hasn’t, it would be the ninth-lowest mark in the league, including goalkeepers.


Tom Brewitt – 5

Brewitt came on and did his job. He is generally Swindon’s best true defender and he did what was needed to get Town over the line.

Anton Dworzak – N/A