Jake Young said that his winning goal for Swindon Town against Mansfield Town is the sort of goal that just happens when you are in form.

The man on loan from Bradford City has found the back of the net six times in his last five matches, having failed to score in seven appearances prior to that run.

Young turned home the winner after a frantic goalmouth scramble against Mansfield and said he just feels like he is going to score at the moment.

He said: “It is just confidence really, that is all I put it down to, you just get that feeling you are going to put it in the back of the net.

“As long as you can keep it going, you just don’t see yourself stopping and then ones that hit the post and ricochet, sometimes they fall to you and sometimes they don’t.

“When you are on a bit of a run, and you have five in five then that is when they fall for you.

“It was tough [when I wasn’t scoring] because I still had a good goals return, I still felt good, and I was still getting in good positions, but as I said, sometimes it doesn’t fall for you.

“On that little spell I had with a few games without a goal, that one at the end probably doesn’t drop for me, but when you are on a good run it does.

“You just need to keep working, keep believing that it will fall for you and sooner rather than later it will do.”

Young had also opened the scoring in the first half with a volley from a Dan Kemp free-kick and he said the move was half routine, half improvisation.

He said: “It was a bit of both really, we do work on a lot of set pieces with Hats [Wayne Hatswell] throughout the week and on a Friday.

“We always go through them and we have different routines, so we will look where they are weak, but sometimes it is down for us as footballers to figure it out on the pitch.

“We will get shown clips and Hats said they tend to overload at the back, so we have seen that, but then it is down to us to execute it.

“It was a great ball from Kemp and we got what work for during the week.”