Michael Flynn said that Swindon Town need to prove they can consistently perform as they did during their 2-1 victory over Mansfield Town.

Jake Young’s brace sandwiching a goal from Lucas Akins saw Swindon win their first game for nine matches and ended Mansfield’s unbeaten season.

The late victory also ended a run of three straight games in which Town had led at the break and failed to take home all three points.

Flynn challenged his players to pick up where they left off against the Stags and prove that they could more consistently display the traits which won them that game at the weekend.

He said: “What Accrington do we can’t affect, we have to concentrate on ourselves, which I have been consistent in saying.

“The thing was that we concentrated for the majority of the game on Saturday and when we conceded we didn’t let that become too big like we did against Stockport, which was frustrating.

“Even for 70 minutes, we were 2-1 up against Stockport, so we are not a million miles away, it was just those key moments in games that we need to be better at and we still do.

“Just because we won at the weekend doesn’t mean everything is forgotten about, I know where we need to improve, and the players do also.

“On Saturday they showed that they can do it and that was pleasing.”

Flynn was also keen to play down any notion that the players had gotten ahead of themselves after the win and said that their mindset had remained the same across the season, even during their difficult run of form.

He said: “As I have said, they [the players] have been fine, they have been a group that are determined to try and do well.

“There are so many things that you need to be successful, but if you haven’t got a group that is sticking together and a good changing room, then I don’t know many teams that have been successful without that core principle.

“They were disappointed with themselves as well, I must say that they do care and they were frustrated.

“Today they are quite good as there is not much change, they seem focused on trying and get the three points tomorrow and they haven’t gotten ahead of themselves.

“I wouldn’t let them anyway because one swallow doesn’t make a summer.”