The Swindon Town Supporters Trust has offered an update on their ongoing evaluation of the club’s accounts.

TrustSTFC has announced that they have still not been able to review the financial position of Swindon Town, as they had been offered to do by chairman Clem Morfuni during the Advisory Board meeting in September.

The Trust has been attempting to do this review since that time but is yet to have been given access to them, with only an initial meeting having taken place so far, which is the only concrete action to have occurred on the matter since the initial offer in September.

In a statement on their website, the Trust said they had hoped to get their treasurer and management accountant Scott Curtis to view the accounts and present a “clear analysis” of them in an “understandable manner”, but this has yet to occur.

The statement read: “While the process was expected to take time, we’ve encountered delays beyond our control. Despite frustrations, we have initiated the process with an initial meeting.

“We acknowledge the criticism regarding the lack of communication and are committed to providing updates, even if progress is minimal.

“We are disappointed in the current stage of progress and are actively engaging with the club to expedite the review. We will continue to press for the next stage and offer solutions to accelerate progress.

“We remain passionate about concluding this process to offer members a clear analysis of the club’s finances.”

Whilst a specific timeframe is still yet to exist for this review, as they continue to work with the club to be able to gain access to them, the Trust has said that regardless of progress, they will offer another update on this by Thursday December 21 to ensure that communication over the matter does continue.