Swindon Town CEO Anthony Hall said that the club will wait until the end of December to finalise their budget and plans for the January transfer window.

Michael Flynn has spoken on multiple occasions of the importance of the window for the season and that he has been working hard on his plans to bolster his squad.

However, during an interview with the supporters’ club, Hall said that the discussions to prepare for the window, would not occur until Morfuni visits late in December.

Speaking to ‘On The Sofa’, Hall said: “Clem is over on the 21st of December, and we will be sitting down with Jamie Russell, myself, and Michael Flynn to go through that and see what the guys want and what we can do within that January transfer window.

“We will look at what the guys are looking to have and how we do that.

“I don’t talk to the players; I only get involved with the budget and I sit there with the budget.

“If Michael Flynn wants to buy 11 goalkeepers, Michael Flynn can buy 11 goalkeepers. If he wants to play a formation with nine on the goal line then that is down to him, that is not down to myself.

“Michael is completely responsible for the football side of the club.

“Just because you have the playing budget doesn’t mean you are going to get promotion, Wrexham last year turned over 22 or 23 million pounds, so they have three and a half times our budget give or take.”

Speaking at the start of November, Flynn said that he had already begun work on the window, identifying targets and contacting the relevant clubs and players.

He said: “I know roughly where we are at, I know what I want, I have done the list and I have contacted teams already, managers, clubs for some of them.

“I know what we want, whether we get them or not will not just be down to finances, it will be about whether the players want to come down to League Two, do players want to move down to this part of the country, are the wages right, has anybody else come in for them.

“There are loads of different factors that we are going to factor in, but I am on the front foot and I have identified quite a few targets that I would like and hopefully we get a few of them.”