The STFC Green Robins are looking to get fans to help the club climb the green clubs league this Green Football Weekend.

The group began at the start of January as a collection of Swindon supporters passionate about environmental sustainability, led by Chris Van Roon, and are also searching for

Green Football Weekend is running between Friday 2 February and Monday 5 February and looks to get football fans thinking about the environment and ways of supporting their club sustainably.

In partnership with Pledgeball, Green Football Weekend are encouraging fans to take their first steps toward making more sustainable choices, like avoiding personal travel and eating less meat.

By making pledges, fans can help their favourite teams move up the Green Football Cup table, with every team in the country ranked by the number of pledges that have been made, on Friday, Swindon are 14th and are the second-highest ranked side in League Two, behind only Forest Green Rovers.

Green Football Weekend has also worked with football clubs to produce a digital vegetarian cookbook, which includes recipes from Udoka Godwin-Malife, Jess Graham, and Archie Milne.

If the UK’s football fans had one veggie meal a day, we could save the equivalent to removing 5.5M cars from the road, each year.