A Swindon man has shared his anger and upset as he believes that Speedway is gone for good from the town.

The Abbey Stadium formerly hosted Swindon Speedway but no racing has taken place there since 2019, when the Robins were Premiership champions.

David Osbourne who has been watching the sport for over 60 years said: “It is upsetting and it makes me angry, it is a lovely family sport and it has been taken away from the thousands of us.”

Gaming International, the company that owns the stadium, has found a location for a new stadium within 40 miles of Swindon, a statement previously claimed, however no more information has been shared regarding this.

The current stadium is still hosting Greyhound racing however the track formerly used for Speedway is no longer being used.

David says that he has accepted that the Speedway has now left the town for good despite the news that a location for a new stadium has been found.

The 75 year-old said: “There is never going to be any more Speedway in Swindon.

“I have been watching Speedway since I was a baby, it is a great family sport, it is brilliant.

“We used to go to the Swindon Speedway every week without fail, it is such a shame that it is gone.”