Gavin Gunning said that it was going to take a few weeks for him to get his Swindon Town team to their full capability.

The 33-year-old has had two games in charge so far after taking over from Michael Flynn in January, earning one win and one defeat against Bradford City and Newport County.

Gunning said that with the fitness levels of various members of the squad on top of adapting to a different style of play meant that he would need time to get the team into a strong position.

He said: “I have seen the Newport game two or three times and there were more tap-ins than I thought and we hit the post a few times.

“It is unfortunate but sometimes you dominate games and you don’t win them, the performances have been good, so if we can keep performances up then when everybody is fit in three or four weeks then we will be a proper team.

“At the minute I am having to manoeuvre it about because some of the guys cannot play the minutes.

“We have given them [the new signings] detail and gone through it and said ‘these are the roles and this is where you will play, and this is where you go when this happens.’

“Going forward it will become a lot cleaner but when you have only had two weeks to implement it then it is tough, but enjoyable as well.

“I don’t think it will take a week or two weeks, it is going to take three, four, five, or six weeks, that is the realism to it.

“When you come in and try and change everything because it wasn’t working, it is not going to happen overnight, especially when you are having to do a mini pre-season in the season.”

Despite the transition needing time, Gunning said that once they get there he believes that they can make a charge for the play-offs.

He said: “We have been very good so far with two good performances, but at the end of the day it is all about getting points on the board.

“If you look at the table, it is not insurmountable, we have got some tough fixtures but if you stick two or three wins together then you are there.

“Even if you need five or six wins out of the last eight then you have still got a chance.”