Gavin Gunning said that Swindon Town deserved to get more than they did during their 1-1 draw with Salford City.

Swindon created numerous chances and seemed to be having one of those days until George McEachran galloped through the defence and stuck a shot beyond the almost invincible Alex Cairns.

But 15 minutes proved to be too long to hold on for and once again in stoppage time, Swindon saw a goal go in when Callum Hendry tucked home from close range.

Gunning felt that his side have performed at a level deserving of maximum points in each of their three games.

He said: “We have played a Salford team that are in really good form and we have absolutely battered them and anybody who watched that game knows that.

“I think we were decent in the first half, we had a lot of chances where we should have scored and they didn’t know how to deal with the game plan that we played.

"People who didn't play the game might not see how we manoeuvred players around and occupied different spaces that they didn't know how to deal with

“It is frustrating because it has been doom and gloom for a long time here and we have not won enough games, but we are playing well again now.

"We have had three games and we should have had nine points but we don't, we have four out of nine which is not what we want.

"But I think the performances have shown where we are trying to get to.

"I spoke to Karl [Robinson] after the game and he was very complimentary about the way that we played.

"They know they stole a point but fair play to them, they got battered all day and then that last bit they knocked it down, played off that and they scored.

Gunning said that it was unfair to reflect Swindon's habit of squandering points from winning positions as he this side was very different to the one that preceded it.

He said: “Have you seen a performance like that this year? I don’t know.

“We conceded late on and that is frustrating but if their ‘keeper has a game like that then there is nothing that you can do, fair play to him. He has had one of the best games I have seen from a goalie in a long time.

"I haven't been involved so I don't know [about previous mistakes] but we are obviously a different team now to what we were.

"I don't want to comment on what it was like before, obviously we have not managed that situation well enough.

"I have given the players the freedom to express themselves and they thought that was a good option and maybe it wasn't, but hindsight is a fine thing.

"As I have said to the lads, don't be afraid to make mistakes, it is football and things like that are going to happen, and it is about learning from it."