Swindon Town were caught out in stoppage time again as a late equaliser saw them draw 1-1 at home with Salford City.

Town fashioned countless chances and just as it looked like it was to be one of those days, George McEachran raced in to score, but Callum Hendry netted two minutes into stoppage time to grab a share of the spoils.

So, how did the Swindon players fare as individuals at the County Ground?

GK: Jack Bycroft – 6

I liked how Bycroft was looking to turn defence into attack quickly in this game. He would frequently look to start counter-attacks and there was one especially good example to set Dawson Devoy away. He was not always accurate, but it is an important part of the game.

Swindon Advertiser: Godwin-Malife defending intentlyGodwin-Malife defending intently (Image: Andy Crook)

RB: Udoka Godwin-Malife – 5

The inclusion of Zac Elbouzedi meant that Godwin-Malife became the more cautious full-back. He played a few good balls down the line, but this was more of a steady performance from him.

CB: Conor McCarthy – 7

Probably starting from the next game, McCarthy will be gaining his own grading scale like Dan Kemp had. This was another top display from him as he meant Matt Smith was more or less a non-factor. It is becoming increasingly clear that he is too good for this level.

CB: Frazer Blake-Tracy – 6

Aside from the traditional goal in stoppage time, Swindon defended well again. The structure seems more solid now with the defensive players operating with less reckless abandon and Blake-Tracy and McCarthy have been a very strong partnership.

LB: Williams Kokolo – 4

Kokolo has great pace, but he needs to start trying to slow things down. Far too many times he would rush moments and just hack the ball to nobody and give the ball away. One lovely cross was deserving of more, but he needs to be calmer.

CM: George McEachran – 6

For a first professional goal, that was expertly taken when everyone in front of him proved they couldn’t muster the same composure. After being left out of the squad last week, he came in with a renewed hunger and did well.

Swindon Advertiser: Devoy takes a shotDevoy takes a shot (Image: Andy Crook)

CDM: Saidou Khan – 7

Maybe it is a home-and-away thing? After playing superbly against Bradford City and then less well last week, he was back to his best against Salford. When he sticks to his task in front of the back four, he breaks up attacks really well and shows the physical traits he possesses.

CM: Dawson Devoy – 7

I really like Devoy. Kemp, he is not, but he drives with the ball from deep very well and picks his passes nicely. He was very unlucky not to score in this one and seemed to be heavily involved in every attack.

RW: Zac Elbouzedi – 5

This was probably what I was expecting from Elbouzedi when he came in. He is lightning fast and more or less impossible to defend because of it. But his final ball was missing too many times and like a reverse Antony, he displayed that he can’t really come inside onto his left foot.

ST: Paul Glatzel – 7

Glatzel is such a good player. He was kicked up and down the pitch by Salford’s centre-backs and I certainly prefer him in a wide role, but he still did very well. He links play and played Rushian Hepburn-Murphy in arguably too many times. His spin for his shot that was cleared off the line was magic.

Swindon Advertiser: Hepburn-Murphy looks frustratedHepburn-Murphy looks frustrated (Image: Andy Crook)

LW: Rushian Hepburn-Murphy – 4

You are maddeningly inconsistent. So many times he left Declan John somewhere near Chippenham as he galloped clear in that first half. But every time there would be too many touches or a poor decision made that spoiled it all.


Harry McKirdy – 5

He added a bit of spark after coming on and much like against Newport he made a number of good runs. He had the one big chance that felt like it would have been a dream moment, but he is still working his way back and signs to build on are positive.

Aaron Drinan – 5

Coming on and playing on the wing was a bit rogue. He used physicality nicely a few times and moved the ball quickly, but other than one snapshot there was not a huge presence in the danger zones.

Charlie Austin – 6

His lay-off for McEachran was sublime. The perfect weight and the right body shape to give McEachran the space to run into. He had a big chance himself, but he made the telling impact.