News of a new dedicated darts store coming to Swindon has been met positively by members of the public.

The Swindon Darts Hub is set to open on Cricklade Road in Gorse Hill at an as-yet unknown date.

It is the brainchild of friends Hannah Ellis and Emma Van Leer who are aiming to plug a gap in the town, particularly following the increase in popularity of the sport.

Hannah said: “Recently I and a friend Emma thought it would be a great idea to open a one-stop shop for all dart players’ needs. There isn’t anything in Swindon that offers a try-before-you-buy service either.

“We have come together to bring our vision into reality. We will be opening soon! We hope that everyone will love it and what we have to offer.”

In the Advertiser’s Facebook post on the new store, many rushed to wish Hannah and Emma the best of luck, while others thought it sounded like a great idea.

We’ve compiled some of the best reactions to the news below.

Sarah Booga Brown said: “Good luck Emma and Hannah. I’ll pop in when I’m in Swindon next.”

Zoe Millin said: “Good luck, fab idea we all play darts in our house and live in Gorse Hill! Scoop!”

Sue Diffey said: “Wishing all the very best with your new store.”

Raymondo Lorenzo said: “Definitely needed in the town. It’s okay ordering online but nothing beats a shop where see products first hand

“Good luck. I’ll be popping in for my dart equipment.”

Matt Dickenson said: “Best of luck, with darts being as popular as ever (the Littler Effect) the timing is perfect.

“There’s lots of great online darts stores but nowhere near enough actual shops.”

Rhysie Ford said: “Best of luck to them nice to see a local business up and running so hard nowadays with how much overheads cost.

“Wish them all the best.”

Stuart Moaby VR said: “Good luck with that but I feel you won’t make no money at this unless you have a web site too.”

Kev Barefoot said: “Good for you Han, you work so hard and this will be, in my honest opinion, a massive success.”

Rickie Cheesley said: “There ya go boys get ya selves down there.”

Kay Howe said: “This is gonna be handy.”

Darryl Price said: “Good luck on your new venture.

“There are plenty of opportunities for people to start new things. We now have no model shop or proper tobacconist, fish monger, etc.”

Terrence Habbit said: “Gorse Hill seems like its getting quite a lot of focus with the new Harry Potter cafe place and now this.

“It’s good to see business owners taking a punt on places in little pockets of the town like this.”

Candace May said: “I don’t think I’ve ever touched a dart in my life, but I certainly won’t be doing anything other than wishing a new shop in Swindon the best!

“We need more stuff like this in the town even if it might not always be for me.”

Frank Williams said: “I used to be quite the dart player back in my day but I’m afraid I won’t be up to much anymore.

“This is good to see though, best of luck to the both of them.”

Graham Post said: “Swindon is getting more and more of little independent ventures with specialisms like this.

I really hope it goes well for them because I would love to see something like this sticking around

“But it all depends on how much people are willing to support a bricks and mortar store and not just buy whatever it is they want online.

“I guess we’ll find out.”