Swindon Town put in an underwhelming display as they drew 1-1 at home to Harrogate Town in League Two.

Anthony O'Connor looked the have given the visitors all three points after he headed home from a free-kick, but Charlie Austin levelled the scores five minutes from time.

So, how did the players fare as individuals at the County Ground?

GK: Jack Bycroft - 5

Such was the tedium of the game that despite Swindon's poor performance, Bycroft still had very little to do. One shot on target meant that he had no opportunity to be a hero and his distribution was generally fine without being overly notable.

RB: Udoka Godwin-Malife - 6

For much of the game, it looked like if something was to happen it would have been through Godwin-Malife. He was rarely marked and made good runs forward, but, particularly in the second half, he seemed to be stumbling over himself a bit.

CB: Conor McCarthy - 6

McCarthy probably would have been my man of the match. He was solid at the back and hit a few wonderfully aesthetic long passes that switched the direction of attack and looked like they could expose Harrogate.

CB: Frazer Blake-Tracy - 5

Defensively he did a decent job as Swindon were rarely troubled by Harrogate. But he was a little bit safe on the ball when we could have seen some of his driving runs to try and create chaos in a deep defence.

LB: Williams Kokolo - 4

The space was with the full-backs all afternoon and even with that Kokolo only really created one opportunity. Aside from being fast, I don't think he offers nearly enough going forward and he is hardly a stand-out defender.

CM: Saidou Khan - 4

He provides that physical presence in midfield but he is way too hit and miss. He was either being too conservative on the ball and contributing to the congestion or he was being caught trying something at the wrong time.

CM: Dawson Devoy - 4

The tempo was far too slow all afternoon and that comes from the midfield. I normally think Devoy is good at moving the ball quickly and efficiently but he felt a bit constricted in the way he played in this one.

RW: Harry McKirdy - 5

There were moments when he was looking to take the bull by the horns and be the player we know he can be and he created some inroads that way. But he couldn't quite connect in the key moments and was peripheral for extended periods.

CAM: Ricky Aguiar - 6

This was better from Aguiar in his real position and he was unlucky to be taken off at the break. He was the player that was trying to move the ball quickly and make dangerous runs. Also, his set-piece delivery is leagues clear of everyone else in the squad and could be a big weapon.

LW: Sean McGurk - 4

Aside from one moment when he turned in the box and crossed for Aaron Drinan, he was subdued. He is still getting up to speed with the rigours of men's football and we shouldn't put too much on him too soon, but he just didn't have the same effervescent effect on the game.

ST: Aaron Drinan - 3

There are things to like about Drinan as he does get stuck in and challenge defenders but he is just struggling and a player needs more than just effort. He has not had any kind of impact in the penalty area so far and that is where he needs to be producing.


Paul Glatzel - 5

I can't imagine any player has had more shots cleared off the line than Glatzel, he seems to be very unlucky in that way. I prefer him playing off the shoulder than in the deeper role, but he will always make things happen.

Rushian Hepburn-Murphy - 4

He came on with the swagger of the other night, but a bit of Harrogate roughhousing and a compact defence knocked that out before long. He was back to holding onto the ball for too long and running down blind alleys.

Charlie Austin - 6

If nothing else, he has become very clinical this calendar year when those around him have struggled in that department. Gavin Gunning just wants him to be that penalty box striker and that is working just fine.

George McEachran - 5

He did not have a huge impact when he came on as it was mostly just circulating the ball side to side as Harrogate tried to hold onto the win.

Zac Elbouzedi - N/A