Swindon Town turned in a sorry performance as they were limply beaten 2-1 by an out-of-form Accrington Stanley in League Two.

Aaron Drinan put Swindon into the lead two minutes into the second half, but Jack Nolan dispatched from the penalty spot and then Alex Henderson scored a worldie to see the visitors claim all three points.

So, how did the players fare as individuals at the County Ground?

GK: Jack Bycroft – 4

Accrington were very poor and created few chances for Bycroft to deal with, aside from two excellent strikes that gave him no chance.

RB: Udoka Godwin-Malife – 4

He never really got that far forward in this one with Rushian Hepburn-Murphy playing ahead of him. The two didn’t combine an awful lot unlike against Tranmere Rovers, but he was fine on a day when nobody really performed.

CB: Conor McCarthy – 2

I do not know what has happened to McCarthy, he just seems to have been dragged down by the quicksand that has been the Swindon defence this season. He consistently gave the ball away on short passes. When once he looked like a Rolls Royce at the back, the engine now seems to have fallen through the floor and everyone is running by him.

CB: Frazer Blake-Tracy – 2

McCarthy had the big errors for the goals, but Blake-Tracy was doing my head in all night. The plan was clearly to release Hepburn-Murphy when they could, but he kept trying balls when they weren’t on and slicing them through to the goalkeeper.

LB: Williams Kokolo – 2

Kokolo is what Thomas Dossevi would have been like if he played at left-back. He is fast but doesn’t know where he should be running and offers absolutely nothing else. Teams don’t bother to mark him and he still gets nothing done.

CM: George McEachran – 3

I don’t agree with the criticisms of Gavin Gunning that he should be picking a more physical midfield, because such a thing does not exist, as much as McEachran makes a very compelling case for one. I had a lot of hope for him last season, but he simply is not creative enough on the ball or solid enough off it.

CM: Dawson Devoy – 5

For 20 minutes Devoy was absolutely outstanding and was shredding Accrington. Then after that, he regressed into playing like everyone else as an uninspiring but controlled performance became a shambolic nightmare.

RW: Rushian Hepburn-Murphy – 4

Hepburn-Murphy also started the game teaching 19-year-old defender Connor O’Brien a lesson as he couldn’t live with him. But after his work was wasted by those in the middle, he completely vanished into the night.

CAM: Paul Glatzel – 6

I have lost it, but I think that I would have been handing in my resignation this morning if it was not for Glatzel. He is just so far above those he is playing with all of the time and I feel for him having to put up with it. Build around Glatzel and we might have something next year, I have no faith in that actually happening.

LW: Aaron Drinan – 5

Shambolic defending being capitalised on by sharp movement from a striker sounds like a description of every goal Town have conceded this season, but weirdly it was how Drinan netted his second goal in four days. The Irish Inzaghi has started to show himself to be a useful striker at this level.

ST: Charlie Austin – 3

I think his legs are still somewhere in Stockport. His passing was very hit-and-miss, but when he played a good one, he was struggling greatly to catch up and be an option in the middle. I struggle to figure out why he played the full 90, it was probably for fear of him proclaiming again that Swindon always score and never concede when he is playing.


Jake Cain – 4

Made no impact.

Sean McGurk – 4

Made no impact.

Zac Elbouzedi – N/A