“I have just got to monitor it. Obviously, we are going to look at the results and if the results don’t work out then we will keep looking and see what we need to do.”

This was how Clem Morfuni pitched Gavin Gunning being named the interim head coach when I spoke to him in January. 11 games, ten points, and three places further down the table later and I think we may be to the point of reviewing it.

It is tough to know exactly how Swindon have been spending the last two months regarding planning for next season and who would be at the helm. The impression has never been that there is an active search going on whilst Gunning has gone from understudy to long-term stand-in, but they are yet to commit to him. Now Town have two weeks until they next have to take to the stage against Notts County and the time for sitting on hands feels like it has elapsed.

There was plenty of hope that Gunning might be the man, but early optimism and improved performances have never materialised into regular points and those displays look to be going backwards at an alarming rate. Swindon got 11 points from the 11 games before the 33-year-old took over and have got ten from 11 since he came in. Once Fair Game comes in to look at the accounts, I am sure they can also point out that that number is lower than one that wasn’t good enough to save a man for whom the ink was still drying on his new contract.

If no immediate action is taken in the dugout, then a window into the hierarchy’s thinking needs to be opened. Has an active search begun to find Michael Flynn’s permanent successor? If not, why not? What about Gunning is giving them pause for thought over turning to someone whose track record might give the fans more hope? Boos at consecutive home games in front of greatly dwindled gates might offer an insight into what they are thinking right now.

I don't necessarily need a new man standing in the dugout on Good Friday, but I would like to know who is doing it in August. Waiting and seeing for another month does not butter any parsnips and Walsall's inexplicable number of internationals have handed them a convenient window to enlighten us.

Work may very well have been going on in the background looking at potential candidates from Jamie Russell, but the speed of it needs to be ramped up. The action needs to begin to give the club a head start on preparing for what will be a pivotal campaign for this regime. Four people have led the on-field operations and two the off-field ones, the same mistakes can’t keep happening.

A firefighter might not be needed to stop the house caving in this season, but you can’t relay those charred foundations until you decide who the person to do that should be. Giving them a few weeks to survey things feels like a positive, but if they can’t do that for whatever reason then they should at least be able to look on from afar with some interest.

Only seven of the matchday 18 during another desperate day against Doncaster have deals that presently include next year. It should very much be in the club’s strategy to prevent people from focusing on this year, but at the moment there is nowhere else to look.

The Easter doubleheader is up next and we must arrive there with more than just hopes and prayers of a resurrection next season.