Gavin Gunning was overjoyed with how Swindon Town stifled Notts County's passing play during their 2-1 win on Good Friday.

Aaron Drinan latched onto a loose ball after a backpass struck the post in the first half to give Swindon the lead.

Paul Glatzel then added a second after County 'keeper Sam Slocombe passed him the ball and he chipped the ball into the unguarded net before Alassana Jatta gave a brief scare after pulling one back in stoppage time.

Gunning said that his team had pulled off the plan to perfection as they prevented the visitors from creating any real chances of note.

He said: “I was so pleased with how we played, we subdued them in what they were able to do where the game counts in and around the penalty area.

“They went from side to side and backwards to stack passes and never really had any clear-cut chances.

“It worked really well and the shape was fantastic, the communication was key.

“And then when we got on transition when the ball turned over, we looked like we were going to score every time.

“We have had a lot more clear chances than them today and they had all of the ball.

"We have had a couple of bad performances of late, but most of them have been decent and today we were the better team.

"We went away from our normal game plan a bit and conceded the space in their territory and then we would turn the press on with our triggers.

"As soon as they got into our territory we would turn it over, so I was really happy with how that looked."

The visitors came and had 75% possession during the game and created a scenario that could have been tough for a team that has struggled with defensive lapses, but Gunning was pleased with how his team maintained their concentration throughout.

He said: "We have more switched into working on our out-of-possession stuff this week and at times it was probably my fault with how we have looked.

"We have locked in out-of-possession and thought, can we be compact? Can we be solid in this game? Because we knew they were going to be massively possession-based.

"Can we strike on the counter and on their weaknesses? We did that really well today.

"Maybe we didn't do enough work on the attacking transitions because it was a little bit clunky, but it was still very good at times."

Gunning had highlighted the threat of Jodi Jones heading into the game and was very pleased with how Zac Elbouzedi had shut him down.

He said: "He [Elbouzedi] was probably one of the best players on the pitch for me.

"He roasted him going forward and then on the transition to the defence he was brilliant and got back into shape.

"He was obviously cramping up at the end there as I imagine his running stats were much higher than everyone else."