Gavin Gunning said that he was very frustrated with how Swindon Town did not do the basics in their 3-1 defeat to Sutton United.

Charlie Lakin nodded home in the opening ten minutes as Sutton displayed a clear superiority over a poor Swindon side.

A bizarre own-goal from Jack Bycroft and Harry Smith heading home his tenth of the season saw Sutton pull well clear before Glatzel scored direct from a free-kick in stoppage time.

Gunning said that everyone knows what you need to do when you play Sutton and Swindon did not do nearly enough of those things.

He said: "We had meetings, meetings, meetings about this game and then we just didn't deliver.

"I was so confident coming here, we changed our game plan against Notts County and worked it well to sit in and then I thought we would come here and get after them.

"It is embarrassing. When you come to Sutton you know what you are going to get, they are going to be turning on you and landing on second balls.

"You know their style but we didn't do it at all, it was coming up and we didn't get around each other, we didn't land on the seconds, and we just didn't have the appetite to get a result here.

"They are on a good run but all we have been working on is getting around the ball, dealing with long balls and into the channels, dealing with throw-ins, and then when we get it can we smooth it out. We didn't do any of that."

Goalkeeper Jack Bycroft was at fault for two of the goals that Sutton scored, but Gunning said that he was not worried because of his previous performances.

He said: "He has had an unfortunate incident with the first one and then the second one is unfortunate as well.

"It is what it is, sometimes the 'keeper has a bad game but he has been brilliant since he has come in.

"Two of the goals today are maybe his fault, but it is a learning curve for him having come from under-23s football. In men's football when you make two mistakes you get punished."

Gunning said that he felt that experience was missing from the Swindon squad to help them deal with the awkward style that Sutton supply.

He said: "We need experience in the team, you can see it there, centre-halves, I have been there myself, when you come and put your head on everything, you get a broken nose, go for second balls and that is what it requires.

"In League Two, to be successful, your spine must be experienced and solid, with a nous of having done well at this level.

"It is about, have you got a big heart and have you got what it takes to stay in the battle because you know the balls are going to come on top.

"At times we were just found lacking with that inexperience."