Williams Kokolo revealed that he is yet to receive any indication from Swindon Town as to where his future lies beyond this season.

Kokolo netted his first goal in a Town shirt to open the scoring during their 2-0 victory away to Barrow AFC on Saturday.

After leaving Burton Albion at the end of the 2022/23 season, Kokolo arrived at Swindon in November on an initial deal that ran until January before seeing his deal extended until the end of the campaign.

With four games left to play this season, 15 of Swindon’s permanently contracted players are not guaranteed to be with the club next season, of which Kokolo is one.

The 23-year-old has been a regular since joining Town, making 24 appearances this season at both left back and left wing back, but said following Swindon’s victory at the SO Legal Stadium he is yet to have any conversations about next season.

He said: “Yes [we would like to get some momentum going into next year], but I still need to speak with the club about next year because we haven’t spoken yet.

“So, we will have to see about that, maybe in a few weeks. I don’t know.

“[Has there been any indication from the club?] No.”

Gavin Gunning said that he was also unaware of where the club were on making decisions about players for next season, with just Harrison Minturn, Ricky Aguiar, Jake Cain, Anton Dworzak, and Aaron Drinan currently contracted beyond June.

The interim head coach, whose own future remains unclear, said that he was not privy to what stage of the process the club were at with players, having previously said that all of the current squad were still having to earn their next deal with the club.

He said: “I wouldn’t be able to answer that, you would have to ask Jamie [Russell] or Clem [Morfuni].

“You have got to perform in the last games, and you can’t turn the lights out if you are a player because I can’t imagine the club is going to be rushing to hand deals out.

“There are always going to be some boys that are assets to the club, that will always be the thing if you are playing good or bad, so you have that reputation of being a good player.

“When you have had a season like we have had then it is important that you finish well.”