Swindon Town were once again defeated on the road as Grimsby Town netted twice late on to beat them 2-0.

Liam Smith raced into open space in the Swindon defence to give the Mariners the lead 15 minutes from time before Donovan Wilson scored a lovely second from outside the box.

So, how did the Swindon players fare as individuals at Blundell Park?

GK: Jack Bycroft - 7

In a game that for large swathes neither side looked overly interested in scoring, he made two jaw-dropping saves and even in a dull affair like this one without him Town could have been really embarrassed.

RCB: Udoka Godwin-Malife - 4

Despite not playing in mid-week, he looked sluggish here and only once or twice was able to do his normal bursts through midfield. He was a little bit slow to release the ball throughout.

CB: Harley Hunt - 8

This has nothing to do with him being a first-year scholar, he was sensational for any player. He picked his moments to step out and win the ball with a psychic's foresight and other than one tussle with Wilson, he was never bullied. I compared him with Pau Cubarsi during the live blog as being a teenage defender with veteran sensibilities, he was terrific.

LCB: Frazer Blake-Tracy - 5

He made a couple of bursts into space during the first half that created good moments, but never really did that after the break. Defensively he was solid, but nothing outstanding.

RWB: Joel McGregor - 7

On Tuesday we saw plenty of good defensive work from McGregor and a few flashes of what he could do with the ball. In this game, he looked impossible to get the ball off as he was more or less the only consistent threat Swindon had. He looks in no way out of place.

CM: Dawson Devoy - 6

This was a generally fine display from Devoy. There were a handful of moments in the first half when he, McGregor, and Paul Glatzel linked up and that was as threatening as Swindon looked, but it didn't happen often enough.

CDM: Nnamdi Oforborh - 5

Ofoborh's performance was emblematic of the whole day as in the first half he did very well at all his normal jobs of screening the defence and filling in when someone went forward. But he tired after the break and didn't cover himself in glory for either goal.

CM: George McEachran - 4

Following a few good performances in a row, he went missing at Blundell Park. He had become the tempo setter in recent weeks but suddenly his fellow midfielders had more touches than him. The game passed him by.

LWB: Williams Kokolo - 3

Where on earth was he for the first goal? He was so narrow it was perverse to allow Smith to do whatever he pleased. One attack in the first half aside, all the good play came from the right side and he played too conservatively throughout.

ST: Paul Glatzel - 5

Much like Devoy, there were moments when we saw the sparkle that has been the only thing glowing about the second part of the season. But for far too long he was peripheral as Charlie Austin was dropping short, meaning he wasn't getting involved as much.

ST: Charlie Austin - 3

He probably won't get a better chance for goal number 200 than that header in the first half. I am not sure if it was the runs off the ball, but when he dropped in he took too many touches and slowed things down. Then he was moved even deeper but wasn't getting around the pitch as he needed to.


Zac Elbouzedi - 4

He made very little impact whatsoever after coming on. In 25 minutes on the pitch, I could not really tell you anything positive or negative he did.

Rushian Hepburn-Murphy - 4

He was involved much more than Elbouzedi as his rapid speed posed questions like it always does off the bench. Just he had nothing like the composure he needed when he got into decent positions.

Aaron Drinan - N/A

Conor McCarthy - N/A