Swindon Town ended their campaign with a topsy-turvy 3-3 draw against Morecambe at the County Ground.

Charlie Austin nodded Town in front early before Joe Adams and Adam Fairclough flipped the tables 15 minutes later. Austin then levelled and Williams Kokolo seemed to have won it but Cameron Smith fired home late.

So, how did the players fare as individuals on the final day of the season?

GK: Jack Bycroft – 5

This was the strangest three-all draw you will ever see as there really weren’t many chances. Big deflections and hoodwinks gave Bycroft no chance with either goal. I liked his short distribution but this was not a game in which he was much of a factor.

RCB: Harley Hunt – 6

You felt for him for the first goal as there is not a lot he can do, but his head did not go down. He had that dog in him, a will to win the ball and made multiple big tackles because of it. He was caught out of position once or twice, but his recovery was always very strong.

CB: Conor McCarthy – 3

This was not a great final game from McCarthy. He looked ragged throughout, the Swindon influence has almost entirely eradicated the air of calm that he arrived with. Everything was frantic and he played numerous aimless long balls to boot.

LCB: Frazer Blake-Tracy – 5

In a final hurrah for Blake-Tracy, he got one big moment as he parted the waves in the middle of the pitch to set up Austin’s second. When a player shows that they can do that, you want to see it from them more and he seemed hesitant aside from that one beautiful run.

RWB: Joel McGregor – 6

Things weren’t quite falling for McGregor in this one, but you still saw flashes of his talent. His off-ball runs are very intelligent and were proving tough to pick up and his pace can be devastating. I end this season thinking I want to see more of him next year, so he has done his job.

CM: Jake Cain – 4

This was just one of those games that happens too often for Cain when he just never really impacts a game. Swindon were sluggish and in the middle, he seemed to have been swallowed up and not allowed to get involved.

CM: Nnamdi Ofoborh – 4

The Swindon midfield in general were not a factor for most of this. I never want to see a two-man midfield again moving forward as I have just seen Swindon shrink and get battered in midfield far too often this. Ofoborh had seemed to be the antidote to that, but in this game, he also got very little done. Next year I want 433 or 352, I will not be accepting anything else.

LWB: Williams Kokolo – 4

He capped off the late contender for goal of the season with a great run and finish. But that was simply his only contribution in any phase of this game. Defensively he went missing and he offered nothing in possession.

RW: Paul Glatzel – 5

I think Glatzel’s shoulders got tired from carrying Swindon for so long and so has faded a little bit in these last few games. It took a sensational tackle from David Tutonda to stop him from scoring, but aside from this, he was also on the fringes.

ST: Charlie Austin – 9

Well, if this is the end it is nice for Austin to go out looking like it was 2010 all over again. He was everywhere in this game, linking play really nicely and then getting himself into position and being clinical when the ball came. This is the version of a club legend that you want to remember.

LW: Sean McGurk – 6

McGurk clearly has to find consistency, but he is just a livewire and great to watch. Every time he is on the ball it is box office, even if he doesn’t get it right. I will be distraught if he isn’t around next year. He is also yet another player on this team with great set piece delivery.


Udoka Godwin-Malife – 4

He came on and was fairly conservative with the ball. It was a defensive change that made no real difference.

Zac Elbouzedi – 5

I can’t make up my mind whether his contribution to that wonderful third goal was him overrunning the ball or a wonderfully deft touch to set in Aaron Drinan.  It was his only real contribution, but it was telling.

Dawson Devoy – 6

These will mostly be about that goal, but his run and perfectly placed ball in were wonderful. Playing higher up, he is very impactful, and I think he would be worth bringing back.

Reman Evans – 5

He got very unlucky for the goal as he pushed the ball away from the danger zone, only for Smith to be in the right place. He also has one hell of a kick on him.

Aaron Drinan – 5

The third substitute to have played a key role in that great goal, he did little else, but it was good enough.