Swindon Town are set to announce which of the current squad they are planning to keep around for next season.

Across this summer I will be doing plenty of articles in the "Building the Town" series ruminating on what I would look to do were I in Jamie Russell’s shoes, and naturally, that begins with the retained list.

At present, Harrison Minturn, Ricky Aguiar, Jake Cain, Anton Dworzak, and Aaron Drinan are known as being under contract for next season, so there are decisions to be made on 20 players leading into next season. An asterisk indicates whether a player has an optional extension.

Conor Brann - Release

Redman Evans has been very impressive for the under-18s and seems to have overtaken Brann as the project goalkeeper. So, I would be happy to let him walk.

Jack Bycroft* - Keep

This is a no-brainer. Bycroft has come in and shown himself to be more than capable at this level. There are one or two areas to work on like commanding his area, but there is time for that, first things first, pick up the option.

Frazer Blake-Tracy - Release

One of the shining lights of the last two years, but he has already announced that he is gone.

Tom Brewitt - Release

There is a clear passion in Brewitt, but he has just been too error-prone since he joined. I think Swindon need a clean break from most of their defence after a disastrous year.

Tom Clayton - Release

Injuries have killed what was a very promising first six months. He has never quite looked the same since, so I think it makes sense to part ways.

Reece Devine - Release

We will always have Leyton Orient. His injuries have been crippling, so under no circumstances would I offer him a contract now. However, I still think there is some promise and would ask him to do pre-season with Swindon to see how he does now he is back to fitness.

Udoka Godwin-Malife - Keep

His contract situation is unclear, but if it is up then you extend it and don’t ask any questions. Either at centre-back or right-back, he has been great this season in trying circumstances.

Brooklyn Genesini – Release

It looks like he did well down at Yeovil Town, which is promising for him but he never looked comfortable at League Two level.

Pharrell Johnson* - Keep

If he was good enough six months ago then nothing should have changed your mind. He has all the tools: big, fast, left-footed, so I would pick up the option.

Williams Kokolo - Release

There have been some highlight moments from Kokolo down the stretch and if you could guarantee he will play like he did at Barrow every week then you would keep him. But I still feel he is a bit limited in how he plays and would trust myself to find someone better.

Tariq Uwakwe - Keep

This might be slightly rogue, but I would keep him and there is one key reason for that. If Gavin Gunning does turn out to be the man then he has already discussed wanting to use inverted full-backs and as a left-back who is also a midfielder, he would be ideal.

Saidou Khan - Release

Khan is a tricky evaluation as there is plenty of good and plenty of not-so-good. At 28, you question how much of that will be ironed out and his best role is still unclear. I would not be desperate to extend him.

George McEachran - Keep

His absence from the final squad makes me think this won’t happen, but I think he would be a great tempo setter if he were to be part of a properly balanced midfield.

Nnamdi Ofoborh - Keep

Ofoborh is another whose contract length is undisclosed, but he has definitely shown enough to stay. He offers something different and if Swindon keep building the physicality in midfield then that can only be positive.

Tomi Adeloye – Release

He had a good year as an impact sub at Partick Thistle, but the Scottish Championship seems to be his happy place and Swindon certainly wasn’t.

Charlie Austin – Release

This is a little bit reading the tea leaves and everything points to this being the end. He was terrific against Morecambe and I think it is better to leave it like that than spend another year watching his legs fade and influence reduce.

Paul Glatzel* – Keep

The easiest decision on the list. Pick up the option and immediately start trying to sign a longer deal.

Rushian Hepburn-Murphy – Keep

The second surprise shout for most. I think his impact off the bench can be so useful and something that nobody else can add. You would do well to find someone else who can offer what he can.

Sean McGurk* - Keep

It sounds like the option isn’t being taken, but he should absolutely stay. He is still raw, but he is electric to watch and has all the talent, he just needs some guidance.

Tyrese Shade – Release

He seems to have found his feet at Solihull Moors, but he spent 18 months showing nothing more than flashes. It is best for everyone if he joins Solihull permanently.