It has been nearly two weeks since the season ended and four months since Michael Flynn left but still, there is no end in sight for Swindon Town’s managerial search.

I wrote my column seven weeks ago when the Walsall game was moved about why that was the right time for action. Gavin Gunning had shown enough in his 11 games for a verdict to be reached. If their hearts were set on him then the plaster should be ripped off and if they had thought better of it then that would be a good time to announce either their new man or at least that they had taken that decision.

Fast forward to May and I think it would be fair to say that the Swindon hierarchy has decided to go in a different direction. We did not arrive at the Easter Bank Holiday with a clearer idea of the path forward and I am beginning to feel we might get through both May ones without doing so either. Other than the retained list, there has been nothing from the club to do with the first team since the season ended and even the noise has failed to create a clear picture of what is happening. This summer had to go perfectly but it is yet to even stir.

Clem Morfuni, Jamie Russell, or whoever is leading the new managerial search has had 115 days and counting to figure out the best candidate and then make that happen, smashing the previous long waits for Scott Lindsey and Jody Morris. Yet we still hang in limbo. Can you really get busy in the recruitment process if you are buying for a large question mark? Is there even anyone around to arrange friendlies?

Even in some very non-committal matchday programme notes, Morfuni wrote that he was hoping to get everything in place quickly to be able to plan properly for next season. Well, tick-tock because right now the ducks are zig zagging all over the place. This season went massively awry but on this day last year Flynn was appointed and came in with a list of players he intended to bring in. We are already two weeks behind even that schedule.

When Flynn arrived it was done with uncharacteristic alacrity to be decisive and get in front of the narrative from a disappointing season. There was at least that desire to try and throw in a smokescreen and deflect perceptions towards one of the inevitable hope when a manager comes in who you have never seen botch their substitutions or come up with a strategy that concedes seven goals to a non-league team. There was something you could fool yourself about. This time around, with everything in a state many times worse than before, there hasn’t been any attempt to drive or even contribute to the narrative.

If Gunning is the one that they want, and there are plenty of conflicting reports about that, then people might not be in favour but have the conviction to do it. I have been back to what Morfuni said to me about Gunning in January a few times and it would not point towards a permanent appointment, but if the second half of the season was good enough for you then let's get cracking.

If you want someone else, then aside from being rather angry it took this long to figure that out, then the waiting cannot go on because every day puts that person further and further behind the eight ball. In a summer where the club have admitted it is crucial, Swindon are still hunched in the blocks.