Frazer Blake-Tracy said that he felt he had to leave Swindon Town if he was going to experience success.

The defender left Swindon after two years having won at least one of the Player of the Season awards in both of his campaigns.

Blake-Tracy spoke to BBC Radio Wiltshire and said that he believed that change was needed at the club for them to compete.

He said: “I have been thinking about the decision for the last few months and I am now at 28, I want to be at a club that is stable, in terms of everyone is doing their job properly, and I want to be successful.

“Once I signed permanently, I could have signed for a lot more money to two other teams, but I ended up signing permanently that January because I felt loved by the fans and I will probably never get that love from a fan base again.

“The reason why I felt like I had to leave was I would rather sacrifice myself than have another year of unenjoyment.

“I didn’t really enjoy my time in the last few months at Swindon, there was stuff behind the scenes that made me think I just want better from the club.

“I have been at two other professional set-ups in Peterborough and Burton, I didn’t enjoy my time at Burton but it was better run than Swindon.

“I am not going to throw people under the bus, but things need to change and there are people at the club who are probably not qualified enough to be there.

“It is like a machine, if you have loads of cogs and there is one wrong cog somewhere then the whole machine breaks down.

“There are no clubs in the playoffs that are bigger than Swindon but we have just got it wrong.”

Blake-Tracy added that he believed that as long as the necessary changes at the club were made then good times could come soon.

He said: “I really wish the club the best in the future and I do think that good times are ahead.

“They just need to be clear in their philosophy and the way that they are working.

“There are some really good people that want the best for Swindon and if they can just have a clear structure, clear plan, and be a little bit more transparent with the fans then I am sure they will be ok.”