The Swindon Town Supporters Trust have written an open letter to owner Clem Morfuni saying they have lost faith in his leadership.

The Trust have published an open letter outlining that they feel the ownership of Swindon is not responding properly to the current difficulties at the club and are failing to listen to external advice.

Having attempted other forms to try and influence positive change, the Trust have set an ultimatum that unless there is: immediate and significant investment in money and experienced personnel at the club; a clear and credible funding plan for ground development; and a commitment to open and frequent communication with the fans then the group will implore Morfuni to sell the club.

The letter reads: “With the season over we hoped that our survey, which over 2,000 of your customers completed, would be used to finally make you see both the level of feeling of the fans and to take on our advice to avoid another disastrous season.

“But the advice, feedback and survey results are still met with a consistent level of denial and a version of reality which does not relate to the facts. For example, you continue to insist the Club is debt-free. It is not.

“You have declined to transfer the shareholder debt into equity, which would fulfil the commitment you made at the last Fans Forum where you said you would ‘wipe the debt’.

“With the County Ground Joint Venture, the club has conducted a secret Master Plan project without the expected collaboration and denied all knowledge that it existed when initially asked about it.

“The rent has been persistently getting paid later and now that we have set the ground rule and limit of 30 days past its due date, it’s unsurprising that the rent is now being paid exactly 30 days after it’s due without fail.

“Your persistence in appointing an entire team running the Club (with few exceptions) who have never performed their role before and/or come from a football background, has meant nobody can be surprised at where the Club finds itself now – and frankly relegation would not be a surprise to us next season.

“We, as a Trust led by our recent survey, are today declaring we have lost all confidence and trust in the leadership and ownership of our beloved Swindon Town Football Club. Further, we have no faith that a promised re-development of the County Ground is plausible under your ownership.”