A group helmed by two people closely connected to the former Swindon Speedway administration are looking to bring the racing sport back to town. 

Former Swindon Speedway co-promoter Lee Kilby and former racer Alun Rossiter have confirmed they intend to make a bid for the currently unattached promotional license. 

The Advertiser reported in March that British Speedway had taken back the promotion licence held by Terry Russell after it had been kept 'on ice' for the past few years. 

The pair say they have someone willing to run a team in Swindon but have called on Swindon Borough Council to help them find the only missing piece they need to sort out - a venue. 

The team was booted out of its longtime home in Abbey Stadium in 2022, and although a site for a new stadium was allegedly identified and secured in November by Swindon Motorsports Ltd, no further update has been provided. 

Mr Rossiter said; "We’re confident we can get a team back on track, and we're confident we’ll get accepted by British Speedway.

"But we need a venue to operate from, and we hope that with our current predicament regarding Abbey Stadium, that Swindon Borough Council will be willing to work with us to find a suitable location.

He added: "Swindon had a successful speedway team, there were no issues with the crowds, and it brought the town worldwide coverage.

"We have someone lined up to run it, we just need something from the council, we are ready to go."

The speedway team's former home in Blunsdon, Abbey Stadium, has seen a refurbishment project take place over the last few years, which includes a new stadium building constructed. 

However, it is currently subject to an investigation from Swindon Borough Council following a potential breach in planning requirements from partners Gaming International, which is owned by Clarke Osborne and housebuilder Taylor Wimpey, who have strongly denied any wrongdoing. 

An application was recently made to the council planning portal requesting that the requirement to keep speedway and greyhound racing operational at the site going is removed. 

Alun added: "We have a team that wants to bring Speedway back to Swindon, we're ready to go and could be racing as soon as next year, but we have nowhere to go and we need to find somewhere.

"We know what we’ve got to do, to become promoters and we have the new people that will fund it."

"Everybody wants it but we need the help. The council has allowed all of this to happen, so we need them to help."

They will have some competition though, as Mr Russell has indicated that he expects the licence to return to him for use with Swindon Motorsports Ltd's new arena.

Swindon Motorsports Ltd was formed by a partnership of Swindon Speedway and Gaming International following Speedway's departure from Abbey Stadium, with the purpose of finding somewhere else for it go. 

The organisation has indicated that an oval and stock car racing operator and promoter has been secured for the as-yet-unknown site. 

Councillor Jim Robbins, leader of Swindon Borough Council, said: “The loss of the Swindon Robins over the past few seasons has left a big hole in Swindon’s sporting landscape and I’m very grateful to Alun and Lee for their efforts in trying to bring speedway back to the Borough.

“As a council, there is nothing we would like more than to see the Robins back in Swindon where they belong and we will do all we can to help find the team an alternative home.”