THERE are not many football managers who can say they have been publicly humiliated by local MPs, and even fewer who wouldn’t hold a grudge if they were treated the way Danny Wilson was nearly 11 years ago.

In January 2000, as manager of then-Premier League outfit Sheffield Wednesday, Wilson was called to be sacked by Labour quartet Clive Betts, David Blunkett, Bill Michie and former club director Joe Ashton.

Wilson managed to fight on for another couple of months before eventually getting axed but, ahead of Town’s meeting with the Owls at the County Ground this weekend, insists that situation does not sour his memories of Hillsborough - as both a player and boss.

“Nothing sours me in football. Football is fantastic to be in,” he told the Advertiser.

“The situation when outside influences took over was more of an embarrassment to the people who did that than me.

“These were people who were so-called looking after the interests of the club, and yet all they were doing was putting it through the wringer in public.

“It embarrassed the MPs more than anything, and if you could turn the clock back they would be wishing they could change things.

“We didn’t get any help from the people above us and that was a problem. You want people to stand firm at times like that, but we didn’t get any support.

“(Beating Sheffield Wednesday) wouldn’t give me any satisfaction because of that. Satisfaction is given to me by results at present.

“You can’t do anything about what’s happened before or look back. We look forward and look forward to our results here.

“Yes, it is an ex-club and you always want to do well, but that’s an individual thing and nothing that the boys have to do anything about or know about.

“It would give me great pleasure to get three points full stop, but mainly for the reasons of the position it could put us in the league.”

Wilson guided Swindon to the League One play-off final at Wembley in May, but this season they have struggled for consistency and currently hover nervously above the drop zone.

However, following wins over Southampton and Huddersfield this term, the County Ground supremo knows only too well how his side perform against the so-called bigger sides in the division and is keen for more of the same.

“As I keep saying, there’s nothing in the table,” said Wilson.

“Two wins puts you within touching distance of Sheffield Wednesday, which tells you everything.

“There’s nothing you can’t claw back at this moment, but we can’t keep talking about it - we have to produce the results.

“The performances are great at times and there has been some good football, but we have to make sure we are consistent with the results as well.

“The bigger the clubs we have played we have responded very well, and this is no different.

“Sheffield Wednesday is a massive club but they are in our division, just above us and so in that respect there is nothing we should be fearful of.

“We’ve got nothing to fear at all and if we can beat them on Saturday then it would give me enormous pleasure for more than one reason.”

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