PAUL Benson will not be joining Swindon after the required documents failed to reach the Football League until after last Thursday's 5pm loan deadline.

Town had made a late bid to secure the Charlton striker's services after his proposed move to Bradford fell through last week.

However, despite the club's best efforts they have been unable to convince the Football League to allow the move to go through, meaning Benson will remain at Charlton until January at the earliest.

"It was always going to be a scramble to get all of the paperwork assembled and submitted within the very tight time frames we had to work with," interim chairman Jeremy Wray told the club's website.

"We held lengthy discussions with the Football League trying to persuade them to afford us a limited degree of leeway but rules are rules and in the final analysis we sadly fell outside of them and therefore, have to adhere to the Football League ruling."