BARRY Sandry was shocked and honoured as he followed in the footsteps of friend and Swindon Town legend Don Rogers by winning the Advertiser’s Lifetime Achievement award.

Sandry filled out his final scorecard as golf professional at Broome Manor in September, having given 36 years service to the game he loves.

During that time he worked with thousands of players young and old, as well as helping Swindon pro David Howell make his way into the professional ranks, having had a glittering career of his own during which he won six Wiltshire titles.

Rogers has been a regular at the course and the pair got to know each other well, while Sandry also regularly watched him play during his spell with Crystal Palace, meaning he was humbled to be able to emulate the winger’s achievement and have his life’s work recognised.

“It was a complete shock and I wasn’t expecting it at all,” he said. “I thought I was going to the awards to support Wiltshire Golf and Broome Manor and all of the great achievements they have managed over the last year.

“To follow someone like Don Rogers in winning this award is amazing, and completely unbelievable.

“I actually supported Crystal Palace when he went to play for them having bought him from Swindon, and then I knew Don well because he came up to play golf, so to follow him in this was such an honour.

“It’s nice to think people value what I have done, but I feel incredibly lucky to have been involved with a sport I have loved for all these years.

“I suppose it’s difficult to put into words why I deserve the award when all I have been doing is the job I have loved, so to be awarded this at the end of it is a fantastic honour.”

While Sandry is proud of the work he did with Howell, he found working with the club’s young players most rewarding.

“Working with David was of course the cream on the cake, but one of the things I have enjoyed most is working with the young golfers,” he said.

“Lots of the youngsters I’ve worked with have been taught it at a young age, and then they play for a while, discovered girls and booze and started a family, and then started playing again.

“I find that really brilliant, because maybe I had something to do with them coming back to golf again.

“People like David are the cream, but it’s lovely to think of all the players I have introduced to the game over the years.”