WESTLECOT endured mixed fortunes in the national indoor team competitions last weekend.

The Old Town club were edged out on Saturday as they lost 72-71 to Malvern Hills in the Denny Cup, before Westlecot on the last end losing by a one shot overall margin 71-72 to Malvern Hills men in the Denny Cup now move into the Plate section of the competition.

However, 24 hours later, against Nailsea in the mixed Top Club competition, they won 10-6.

In the Denny Cup, Westlecot made a slow start against Malvern Hills and trailed overall 21-17 at five ends and 40-30 at 10 but had turned things around to edge in front 56-54 at 15 and move 62-58 up at 17.

But then slipped behind 63-62 at 18 and 66-65 at 19 but then gave themselves a fighting chance by leading again 69-67 at 20 ends.

However, hopes of victory slipped away on the last end as Westlecot only scored two shots in total on the four rinks but conceded five shots to finally go down 72-71.

Against Nailsea, Westlecot won both the mixed pairs and mixed fours which were both worth four points each and shared the spoils in the two wood singles winning the men’s section for two points but losing the ladies section.

This gave them a match winning 10 points although they lost the mixed triples to make the final points score in Westlecot’s favour 10-6.

The Old Town club will now face Clevedon in the second round on November 5.

RESULTS Westlecot v Malvern Hills (Denny Cup) Home - Rink 3: Kevin Embling, Geoff Smith, Dave Snell & Mel Biggs lost to Shaun Jones 10-17. Rink 4: Denis Holborow, Paul Pope, Terry Walton & Chris Cheesley lost to Neil Smith 15-21.

Away - Rink 1: Paul Kistle, George Twine, Tim Pittuck & Kyle Anderson lost to Mark Holmes 21-22. Rink 2: James Richman, John Wilson, Barry Sictorness & Neil Smith beat Harvey Griffiths 25-12.

Score: Westlecot 71 Malvern Hills 72.

Westlecot v Nailsea (Top Club) Two Wood Singles - Men: Kevin Embling beat D Groves 27-3 (2pts). Ladies: Linda Perfitt lost to P Groves 11-13 (0pts). Mixed Pairs: Jayne Croston & Chris Cheesley beat P and S Davies 18-16 (4pts). Mixed Triples: Lynda Whittingham, James Richman & Mike Titcombe lost to J Ashmore, R & B Holloway 10-16 (0pts). Mixed Fours: Ginny Nash, Jenny Vowles, Denis Holborow & Terry Walton beat T Billington, P Allen, T Billington & M Rowell 25-15 (4pts).

Score: Westlecot (10) 91 Nailsea (6) 63.

Tommorrow, Westlecot mixed team are back on the green competing in a national mixed team competition.

They face Thornbury tomorrow in the first round of the Egham Trophy, mixed inter-club knock-out championship, playing two rinks at home and two away in Bristol (10am start).

TEAM - Home - Rink 1: Wendy Anderson, Janet Willis, Dave Snell & Mel Biggs. Rink 2: Sue Fletcher, Lynda Whittingham, Tom Pittuck & Mike Titcombe.

Away - Rink 1: Lucy and Katy Smith, Terry Walton & Phil Gregory. Rink 2: Jayne Croston, Sheila Kenny, Kevin Embling & Chris Cheesley.

Next weekend, both Westlecot and Swindon Manor ladies in national team action are in Yetton Trophy action against Oxford City and County and Reading-based side Rivermead respectively.