SWINDON boxer Kelly Morgan has her sights firmly locked on Kali Reis and the WBC world female middleweight title after claiming the WBC silver middleweight belt last month.

Despite only being four fights into her burgeoning career, having previously claimed a Commonwealth bronze medal in javelin and represented England at netball, the 36-year-old is already targeting one of the top prizes in her sport.

American Reis claimed the vacant belt with a split decision win over fellow American Maricela Cornejo in New Zealand in April.

Reis will now have a home fight in Rhode Island against Althea Saunders on Friday, where her title will not be on the line, but Morgan has the 30-year-old in her crosshairs for when she does open herself up for challenges to her crown.

“My gut feeling is that she will probably hold on until the beginning of next year to hold onto the title for as long as possible and then defend it, as you would expect,” said Morgan, who is hoping to defend her title in California next month against Cornejo on a show co-promoted by boxing Hall of Famer Roy Jones Jr.

“So I envisage us having another fight, which will be the one we are training for now, and then I hope, providing that fight does go well, that the next fight will be Kali Reis’ first defence.

“That is what I have in my mind as the plan and that is what we will be looking for.

“It is insane, before you have even hit double figures in your fight career, to be looking at fighting for a WBC world title.

“I am under no illusions, the women’s professional game is in its infancy and it has not got the same depth as the men.

“The route to titles is quicker for us but there is nothing I can do to help that, all I can do is make the most of these opportunities.”

Morgan has admitted that she has kept a close eye on the trajectory of Reis’ career, even down to stalking her on Instagram, but does not know if she has made it onto the radar of the American with her unanimous decision win over Lisa Cielas at the Grange Drive Lesiure Centre on Friday, June 10.

“Like we’re in talks with the WBC, they (Reis’ camp) must be in talks with the WBC and I think it is fairly clear that the WBC’s plan is one more fight for me at 10 rounds for the title defence and then the next one will be that title shot,” added Morgan.

“They must have had that discussion with Reis.

“I don’t know how closely she is looking at me. I spy on her on Instagram and I am totally watching her and seeing what she is up to.

“Whether she is doing the same to me, I have absolutely no idea and I don’t really mind if she is or she isn’t.

“I certainly have my eyes glued to her and the other girls who are ahead of me in the WBC rankings because it is one of them I will be facing next I am sure.”