BEC Connolly will fulfil an ambition that has been burning for more than six years tomorrow night.

The 33-year-old mum-of-four will make her professional boxing debut on Trifecta’s Back To The Future Show at the MECA in Regent Circus.

Competing in the super-featherweight division, Connolly, who is nicknamed Lady Luck, is no stranger to a fight.

Growing up, Connolly was into martial arts – in particular judo - and came close to reaching the pinnacle of the until she was struck down by injury.

“I always did martial arts as a kid, from the age of six up to my late teens, then I got badly injured,” Connolly said.

“I snapped my collar bone. I was pretty good, until that one fight and it damaged my confidence.

“I didn’t have anyone around at that stage who could guide me through and I just sacked it off.”

After turning her back on judo, Connolly got married and had children before getting divorced six years ago.

And the change in life for the personal fitness trainer also saw her take stock and set new goals.

“(When I finished judo) I had it niggle (away) at me, it stayed in the back of my head, I guess it made me a little bitter,” she said. “So when I got divorced in 2011, I asked myself loads of questions, one of them was when was I last happy? It was when I was fighting.

“I wanted to go back but I wanted to do something completely different and Swindon just happens to be a boxing town, so I fancied a go at it – I had always been a fight fan, I came to Fitzpatrick’s and the rest is history.”

Having fought on the white collar circuit around London, Connolly was granted her professional boxing licence in the summer.

And while her children will not be able to be there to see her make her pro debut, the show is for over 12s only, they have backed her all the way.

“They have been with me for the crack of dawn training sessions, they have been along for the ride,” she added. “They are used to me fighting – but this one is important.”