DANNI Dunn admits she has brought more than just a silver medal back from Poland after learning several lessons on her first outing for Great Britain at the FEI Nations Cup.

The eventer from Purton Stoke climbed the podium in Strzegom on Sunday of last week alongside Alexander Bragg, Olivia Craddock and Franky Reid-Warrilow as they finished behind the impressive German team.

The 24-year-old was one of three debutants for the senior national side, with Bragg and Craddock also making their first appearance in British colours, and Dunn says that the experience for the team was invaluable.

“It was amazing to be part of the whole thing,” she said. “The whole experience was really good. It was a big learning curve and I think that is why they selected such an inexperienced squad.

“They wanted to bring a side that were knocking at the door so that we could come together and get the experience we need.

“I was honoured to be chosen and selected to go to a Nations Cup because it was such a great opportunity to progress.

“The four of us really pulled together and they were a great group, which really helps. It was incredible to be on the podium.

“When you ride for your country, it gives that extra emotion to it and as an athlete, you try to avoid emotion, but that is one of the rare times it is really powerful and you can show that emotion.”

While claiming silver, Dunn, who fell at her first Badminton two weeks prior, was unable to complete the cross country stage as her horse, Grandslam, left a leg at the jump into the water but Dunn is confident with how she is performing.

“My dressage was fine, I was a counting dressage scorer, but unfortunately, he was going really well but left a leg at the water and I went swimming,” she added.

“That’s not so great but there were a lot of positives to take away. I was going out on that cross country day, feeling positive and to give it my all to get the clear inside the time.

“We had our individual meetings with the selectors and it would have been a lot better to have not fallen off, but they were all very positive and pleased with my performance.

“That is just how it goes with horses at times. I feel like I am having lots of character building moments. I feel there is so much more to come.”