I’VE finished my second week of training now and it was better than the first.

As a new player, constantly having the benefit of the multiple coaches and advice from the experienced players alongside us is unlike any sport I have played.

It really helps to lift the spirits as does the diverse range of ages, sizes and fitness levels - it never feels like there isn’t a place for me.

There is a very upbeat an enjoyable buzz throughout training both in the halls and on the pitch so fatigue isn’t really noticed but, being probably one of the older players at 39, continued training and proper warm-ups are essential. It just proves that you don’t have to sit about and vegetate and with the right attitude you can make changes to your life.

This week’s training on the offensive line was practice for the three-point stance, which is the set position used in plays.

It involves a low crouch with an explosive surge upwards into the pads of the defending player and then powerful driving steps backwards.

Lots of power is required to explode when needed so cycles round with constant guidance from the coaches alongside. Then, after more warm-up outside, we did some small group plays to allow the running backs to practise the different plays.

Finally the two full 11-man teams made up of experienced players and newbies practiced kick returns both offensively and defensively.

It was great fun to get stuck into the action and I can’t wait for more.